Who are the toughest tanks?

Curious to see how others feel about the tanks in the game and the ranking system made by anchor is the opinion of a few players and just doesnt refelct the view of a bigger portion of the community. I know there are other ranking systems rolling out but would rather just see direct feedback and discussions here. Name 1 or multiple tanks that give you the most problems in raids, include why if you want but don’t have to.

For me the top 6 tanks that give me the most trouble would be:


I do beat them regularly but if the board is off then it could result in a tough match or even a loss.

Especially against aeron as my main attackers are alasie, drake, and hel to win matches, aeron can make it hard to use those 3 if he goes off in tank position.

Yunan i have a hard time stacking against but haven’t gone against him since i maxed my 2nd red 5* so may be a bit easier.

Del’s minions can get out of hand if the board is throwing you too much junk.

Grave can be deadly if you don’t bring a healer or ailment remover(why i love zim).

Hel for pretty much the same reason as aeron, if the special skills of my main hitters gets put on ice then the match becomes much more board dependent and can easily result in a loss if i dont make exactly the right moves.

Guin is just guin.

I dont see other heros in tank position enough to really give an opinion on them but I’m sure there are more troublesome tanks out there.


ares & morgan le fey can be a pita if they get going early


My tank sixpack:
Alasie…flanked by two Red


I have yet to see a morgan tank. Do you encounter her somewhat regularly?

Rana normally doesnt effect me too much since I’ve got a deep depth in purple heros due to all the guin tanks and her speed is slow. If she was average like guin or del then she would have made my list. Have heard many others talk about how solid she is at tank though so you’re definitely not alone

Guin, Del, Yunnan, GM

Li Xiu


2nd time in past couple days I’ve seen kiril mentioned as a tank but I’ve never encountered one or even thought of him as a tank before. Is he a common 4* tank?

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My alt sees him a lot in mid to low platinum. The reason he works so well there is the limited number of fast green hitters at that level. Gandalf and Caedmon are effective against him, but LJ is generally dead before he fires


Interesting. Guess his defense buff would put him over 700 defense then he heals and increases attack on top of that so makes sense that he’d fit into a 4* tank role


kiril i see sided with kashrek and riguard

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Yes, and that’s a beast of a 4* defense

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I was thinking kash and boldtusk but rigard would work too

Rana is not great at tank but she is great at flank. I use her for flank. :laughing:


Probably depends on the attacker’s roster lol. I’m sure some heros provide bigger challenges in different positions for some players more than others. I dont like yunan tanks since my red 5* depth is shallow but I’m sure some have no issue with him

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Yunan… now and forever. Others are trash. Yunan is da man!


Not sure why everyone hypes Guin so much. Yeah if she goes off it makes life more difficult, but GM is all but guaranteed to go off at least once whereas Guin is not. I therefore definitely find GM more challenging, even though I have maxed 5* Blues but no maxed 5* Purples (yet…Panther on her way).

I’m also glad Yunan is as rare as he is. Flanked properly beating him for me becomes very board dependent.


Guin’s mana reduction and her average mana is what makes her so tough. You’re chances of winning are increased each time her special skill goes off. Raids are typically won by whoever lands the most special skills which is what makes guin so viable as a tank. Drake can provide difficulty as well if he hits 3 of your key heros, can make landing special skills pretty difficult. All of this is what makes wu bad for raids btw

I don’t mind facing Guin. If she’s flanked by either GM or Zeline, though, I’m out. Any combination of these three and I’m probably going to reroll.

Aeron and Kadilen put massive dampers on my playstyle, though I really don’t come across either of them in the tank spot too often.

I’m most scared of Hel.


Who or what hero is Yunan? Never heard or seen this hero n I’ve been playing for a year now. Does anyone have a pic of the hero card for Yunan?

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FullMetal, Yunan is a 5* hero from the sand empire quest that comes around every couple months. Really strong tank but pretty rare to come across while playing

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