Who are the best Epic hero duo / trio teams

No one was assuming this fact. Tiburtus & Proteus charge together and both attack 3 targets. Put their attack on the same the 3 targets…then kill them with stones of the strong color. So this duo works even greater against yellow…and also on titans.

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Just posted a video few minutes ago, just for fun. Beating Ursena on hard with this trio + another 4* red.

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He asked about combos of Epic heroes

Falcon - Gormek - Scarlett

Jackal - Jackal - Gretel (or Li)

Have not met a purple epic hero that survives that 1,2,3 punch…not even Rigard.
Up to 7*titans, highest my alliance has faced, very rarely ever get to fire a special if the board doesn’t get you.

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There is no epic hero to survive at 3 snipers special anyway. I may fire 3 Caedmon and even Boril, Cyprian or Kasshrek dies. Besides, you refer to purple as if the special depends of colour. It doesn’t. Your trio does the same damage to any other colour with similar def stat. Doesn’t higher because is purple…

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I actually don’t think Little John works well with Hansel.

With Hansel’s special, you would want to fill the target’s mana bar as quickly as possible so he takes damage when it is full; and mana then drops by 50%. But Little John’s special makes it very slow for the target to gain mana. I think they are actually counterproductive to each other. Just my 2 cents.


The Law Firm of Wilbur, Proteus & Wu


Yellow is strong against purple…purple on purple halves the damage. At least that’s what I’ve noticed. That’s why I referenced purple, but you’re right, no one is going to survive that unless they are a very defensive yellow.

Proteus and Li Xiu and Chao. I could put Leonidas or any other AoE mana cutter but since we are restricted to epic that is who I put. Another one would be Triton and any 4 star healer. A third one would be G. Falcon with Wilbur/Gormek and Colen. Create a field on fire with that combo.

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I really like the Hansel, gaderius, jack rabbit trio.
And of course the BT, Wilbur, Falcon + any other red.

Jackal jackal gretel is fun, as is kiril, Grimm, soyna.

Evelyn and Kingston win. Hit 3, kill 1. Easy. Extra effects for any survivors.

Only for tile damage… You were speaking of specials.

I frequently use Rigard(Costume)/Tiburtus/Gafar

I use jackal and gadeirus next to each other a lot! Keeps jackal alive +48% on a 850 attack :ok_hand:


Oh wow, lightbulb moment! I’ve been playing this game for almost 300 days now, I’ve been ranked as high as 103 in the world rankings, Im finally not surprised to get a 100K titan hit, and average about 700 points a war. It never dawned on me until @Scarecrow you pointed out that I was talking about specials and not tile damage that the color of the enemy has no effect in the damage of the special, lol. I’m not kidding or being sarcastic. Geez, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that, lmao. Thanks.


Actually I was in the same situation till last month, still believing the slash attacks do double damage to opposite color, until I read on this forum, they are also colorless, like specials :slight_smile:


Sorry, but you are going to have to explain what you mean. I feel like I too need a lightbulb moment … thanks

If you mean slash attack and special attack, it is colorless, except if written like, ex.: “deal more damage VS holy”.

Here is good explanation about elemental damage:
What Is Elemental Damage? - A Guide to Elements

I currently curious about Seshat minion attack which is not colorless, are all minions colorless or only Seshat? I will try with Buddy and Rudoplh farm S1:8-7.

EDIT 0: I already try farm S1 9-4, and Seshat minions is colorless. Well I whould take a note while I’m raiding next time, because it is always has written “STRONG” if Seshat minnions attacking yellow opponent.

I have try Buddy, but he does not get STRONG color advantage from minions.

Do Minions hit opponents as the same color as their host? Do they have strong/weak/neutral damage?

Back to topic, my trio epics teams:


Boldie Wilbur Colen

Little John + off color diamond

Kiril Boril Sonya

Sabsy Rigs Tibbs

Li Li Li (la la la) :rofl:


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