Who are the best Epic hero duo / trio teams

Ok, just to get a bit of a discussion going, and to help players out a little in wars and against the Titan or in raids - Which Epic heroes, in your opinion, work well together, either just complementing each other like:
Gadeirus, Triton and Proteus or
Colour stack well together like
Kiril, Sonya and Triton


Not sure if best but I like this: Triton, Boldtusk, Wilbur

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Peters/Hansel/Little John


Boldtusk - Wilbur - Scarlett
Survivability & high damage

Proteus - Tiburtus - Wu Kong
Mana control & tile damage

Triton - Rigard
Instant recovery

Cyprian - Kashhrek - Boril
Sniper eaters


Grimm -> Grimm is my favorite duo

Grimm -> Grimm -> Grimm is my favorite trio



Gretel & Gardian Jackal or Gardian Falcon & Sir Lancelot

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Grimm and Kirill - both together forever :large_blue_circle: :hearts:

Wilbur, Falcon and Scarlett - often paired with BT and Colen

Buddy and LJohn - high damage


Jackal jackal jackal :yellow_heart:


Proteus and Tibs only because they are both purple. Otherwise I do not see a good sinergy cause the dot doesn’t increase by defense down. Can you clear it up for me, please?

Tiburtus descrease the defense by 34% on 3 targets
Wu Kong increases the attack by 185%
Every combo increase the attack of the heroes
Useless tiles wouldn’t charge your foes thanks to Proteus, so your foes would be as good as dead after 3 rounds of Wu Kong’s empowered tiles.


I mean that Tiburtus doesn’t affect the dealt damage from Proteus’ poison special.

They requires less tiles to work, that’s all. If you were to charge another color then the time required to start you winning condition would take too much effort, making it not optimal.

Anyway, Proteus isn’t famous/needed for his “damage”.

I think you do not know what I mean.
I just wanted to clear it up that the poison damage from Proteus isn’t higher with Tibs def down on.

That both or all three of them are great heroes is right. But in this thread there is a question about good combinations. And every one of them is a good hero alone.

By the way: Grimm plus anyone is always a good combination.

Removing one of the biggest downsides of Wu Kong by not letting foes charge their mana is a pretty good combination, the fact that DoTs doesn’t have their damage increased by defense reduction effects doesn’t lower in any measure the effectiveness of the trio.

“Tile damage” were their purpose and this is what they does.


Grimm/Boldtusk/Wu Kong are my go-tos for titans :smiley:

I need to max out those extra 3 Grimm that I have stuck in my roster on 1/1

Um, Evelyn ‘n’ co are not epics. This is about the little guys. Or more accurately the medium sized guys.

I love the Wilbur/Wu bomb effect. Any damage dealer will do, but it tends to be extra spectacular with Colen.

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I actually like

Gadeirus - LJ - skittles - they charge together, gad increases their already decent attack stat and the enemy all deal with mana and attack debuff

Boldy - Wilbur - Colen - just melts defences

Chao - Li - makes a decent dent in mana


Raiding probably the Proteus/Merlin/Rigard is the most effective.

Titans of course elemental reducers are kings, so either Boldtusk/Falcon/Wilbur or Jackal/Jackal/Wu kong.

As duo i really like the defence of Kiril paired with Triton to back up my other color.

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I have trio of Wilbur, Boldtusk and Guardian Falcon (all +18 or more) I call Red Scare. I use it against green titans, works okay.

Otherwise 3 Guardian Jackals seem like fun. 3 shots at the same time on one target - assuming it survives the second.

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