Who are the best 5* tanks


Or can do Joon Sartana Vivica GM Lianna. Vivica will charge at a decent pace and her heal is quite good. GM and Joon will charge up quite fast being flanks and will blind and burn very quickly.


They retracted the obakan nerf.


My difficulty with Guin is the mana reducing effect. She frequently manages to charge up her special before i am ready. I don’t have a sniper so i relay on synergy between heroes. She is too syrong for my current roster. Same with GM.


f2p? Please, if the hotm and 5 * have a 1% drop, hahaha. I do not wonder if SG laughs at the customers, I just wonder how much. Do not get mad Kerri (with all due respect), I do not repeat that they lie and commit adultery.


I was going to argue against your I beat GM 5 times… with a quip about Guen, but it seems the master has beaten me to it.

For what it’s worth, your minimization of value of GM at the helm has caused me to rerun my experiment to confirm (or disprove) my assumption, thanks for pointing out that I may be following the herd.

I will post the results in a week or so to the other thread.


I’ll be interested to read your results.


Whose a better center tank drake, hel, Marjana, I also have Greg all moving toward max… assuming hel from this post


Hel punishes a bad starting board much the same way Guen does, but not as well. Her Mana freeze for 3 turns puts a damper on peoples specials.


All i have to say that Yunan is amazing tank. I don’t have him maxed yet (4^41) but he already gives me many trophies during the day. Horghall is nothing compared to him

Red Hood is also pretty solid tank.


What was the Obakan nerf? I’m surprised as he’s only an ok hero, not a great one.


There was a change to how Riposte works when the hero is killed - now basically it doesn’t, which makes any hero using it considerably less useful. But the change will be reverted back to the previous state in the next big update.