Who are the best 5* tanks


My difficulty with Guin is the mana reducing effect. She frequently manages to charge up her special before i am ready. I don’t have a sniper so i relay on synergy between heroes. She is too syrong for my current roster. Same with GM.


f2p? Please, if the hotm and 5 * have a 1% drop, hahaha. I do not wonder if SG laughs at the customers, I just wonder how much. Do not get mad Kerri (with all due respect), I do not repeat that they lie and commit adultery.


I was going to argue against your I beat GM 5 times… with a quip about Guen, but it seems the master has beaten me to it.

For what it’s worth, your minimization of value of GM at the helm has caused me to rerun my experiment to confirm (or disprove) my assumption, thanks for pointing out that I may be following the herd.

I will post the results in a week or so to the other thread.


I’ll be interested to read your results.


Whose a better center tank drake, hel, Marjana, I also have Greg all moving toward max… assuming hel from this post


Hel punishes a bad starting board much the same way Guen does, but not as well. Her Mana freeze for 3 turns puts a damper on peoples specials.


All i have to say that Yunan is amazing tank. I don’t have him maxed yet (4^41) but he already gives me many trophies during the day. Horghall is nothing compared to him

Red Hood is also pretty solid tank.


What was the Obakan nerf? I’m surprised as he’s only an ok hero, not a great one.


There was a change to how Riposte works when the hero is killed - now basically it doesn’t, which makes any hero using it considerably less useful. But the change will be reverted back to the previous state in the next big update.


Well the data is in and your baby poops fire… Gravemaker seems to have the edge in general, but for me the most important thing is my cup count when I wake up. Based on that, all the tanks were +/- one lost attack of each other. So I guess the real answer is (for me):

Aeron ≈ Delilah ≈ Zeline ≈ Used Baby Wipe ≈ Gravemaker

Others may have different criteria.

Thanks for challenging my assumption, now I at least have a smidgen of data to go on.


This should have been fixed in the last update.


That’s really interesting - thank you for testing and for sharing the results.

I too would use cup count in the morning as the measure of success. I’m curious: what other measure was it that indicated GM had an edge?


My defense:


My today’s log:

But if I had woken up after 40 min or so it would have been -200


Lower cup loss per all attacks (same if you consider only losses) and higher win percent.


Absolutely true which is why I did a three day average… but it is still fraught with problems, but directionally the tanks are all about the same.


I’ve faced teams with Elena as the tank a substantial amount of times and from my experience I personally dont consider her to be a desirable center position hero in defense teams.

She’s not a terrible tank, I’ve even seen a couple teams with an Elena tank and very strong heroes as flanks land in the top 100. However I would still consider even a few particular Epic/4* heroes to be better tanks. Boldtusk comes to mind, I have had an harder time killing off him early on with the right board and a couple spike attacks than with Elena. (I think she’s terrible rear though because of her slow mana speed and because you cant get the full benefit of her counterattack special skill)

Her defense is just too low for her to be right up front taking damage from nearly every hit. If I have a good or decent board for the color heroes I selected I can most definitely kill her before her special skill activates once.

In situations where the board is less than decent + my heroes that spike attack haven’t been able to get ready in time, her special skill will activate and this can be pretty devestating since Elena’s max attack power is nothing to sneeze at. This is the main reason why I can’t consider her a terrible tank. If my heroes aren’t at high health when she hits its definitely likely some will be dead and/or a hit away from dead. (Though I have found hitting her with a hero who gives the enemy a greater chance of missing often can spare a couple heroes from her firey rage)
-Nonetheless, in this case, if the attacking player doesnt have someone like Rigard or Vivica ready to go, a couple of their heroes may get decimated early on. Her counterattack/riposte can also be fustrating if the heroes next to her are also strong because sometimes its impossible to avoid hitting certain heroes. Unless you preemptively prepared a hero like Melendor or Domitia to be ready this can also be your undoing.

In these situations she’s great but as said there’s multiple ways of making sure heroes at lower health survive her attack. Also, since she’s easy to kill, aslong as I survive the first attack I’ll be fine because she’ll be dead before she can attack a second time.

If I ever am lucky enough to win Elena and want to use her in a defense team, she’s going right into flank position. I find this is where she reaches her full potential without getting killed to quickly. I often just hit “reroll” when I see her as a flank in a good team. There, she gets grazed by horizontal tile attacks often enough that it charges up her mana faster but the tank hero takes the majority of the damage so its significantly more difficult for me to kill her before her special goes off.


Show us your defense team, dear @Brobb, including the troops. Please.


I’m sorry: I don’t understand this. it might just be because my brain doesn’t work in the morning. You’re not considering raid attacks in assessing the value of these tanks, right? I assume you mean mean cup losses on defence? But if cup losses are lower and win percentage is higher, how does cup level end up the same?

Sorry again, my head hurts. If you can be bothered, it would make things easier for me to understand if you would explain this bit again.


I guess you mean my attack team, as those results are from attacks I conducted on defences with GM tanks.

My troops are a level or two better today than they were, but this is basically the team:

(Worth noting, if we’re still talking about GM, that yesterday I attacked a GM tank and lost. I attacked again and lost again. Baffled at my luck I attacked again and lost again. So someone out there with a GM tank has three consecutive raid victories over me, and I still don’t know how it happened. Hubris, I guess.)


That’s a really interesting perspective on Elena.

I hate facing her as tank mainly because of the riposte aspect of her special. (Is she the only 5* hero with riposte? I think she’s the only trainable one.) Flanks often have powerful specials - if Elena’s special goes off I often find I have to sacrifice one of my heroes to kill a flank before its special goes off, or figure out a way to manage that special at the same time as I’m figuring out how to kill Elena. It all gets too complicated.