Who are the best 5* tanks


Richard is a fine tank. Moreover, he’s stronger there than in any other position.

I don’t like burying healers in the corner, though. Consider flipping Rigard and Zeline.


I completely agree. I used to stay away from him. As a tank he gets off 1 or sometimes 2 times before I take him down but a quick heal and the pain is gone and so is he with a nice big ghosting hole available :slight_smile:


I don’t think SGG intended gravemaker to be a tank. He might have a bit to much def stat but that’s it.

Personally I think when designing a tank they should make it so that hero has an elemental def buff vs it’s strong color like guin vs dark. This helps those tanks vs raids where people color stack. Since attackers are already at a benefit.

I’m actually not to concerned with gravemaker being overpowered. He’s self contained and doesn’t provide support. And as blue hero’s power creep he will be easier to handle however, but guin likely needs that heal nerf.

Guin however is just badly designed. I agree she is just a pure tank. Her issue is she is supporting her flanks which in turn support her and creates balance issues where when she’s is paired with other hero’s in beta like prenerf aegir she is just completely broken. She makes it harder to design balanced hero’s. I wouldn’t mind seeing aegir with elemental green def buff too.


I will try, thanks :slight_smile:


Well all heroes skill as tank is relative to the other choices that you have morning Cups are significantly higher with a GM tank than either Zeline or Delilah… I don’t have Aeron at 80, but my alliance mate does, he does better with Aeron at the helm than GM.

So from my experience (supplemented with someone who has an 80 Aeron)

Aeron > GM > Delilah >Zeline

This post summarizes what I mean by best.


I’d certainly be much more worried about facing your team with either Zeline or Azlar as tank - I think Azlar might be better, with Zeline and Richard as flanks, Rigard and Chao as wings. Worth remembering that @Kerridoc disagrees and @Kerridoc is smart.

That ranking is pretty reasonable, I think. I disagree with it a little - I’d rank them

Aeron > Delilah > Zeline > A Used Baby Wipe > GM

but perhaps that is because my own attack team is not particularly vulnerable to GM.

With respect to your team in particular, I feel obliged to note that facing Delilah in tank with Zeline and GM as flanks is pretty horrible. Giving GM Delilah’s protection makes him a much tougher proposition than when he is in tank, and he is likely to survive much longer (and get his special off repeatedly). Zeline’s annoying special can also foil many well laid plans, so an attacker has to worry about her at the same time. Plus the simple task of killing Delilah is not always easy - her special is particularly troublesome and combines very well with the others.

So I strongly recommend you continue with GM as your tank, just to make my life easier when I attack you. :wink:

Is fixing gravemaker on the agenda

In the top 50 I see 8 Gravemaker tanks, one Alasie, one Boril, one Delilah, one boss wolf and 38 Guinevere. 49 out of 50 teams have at least one Gravemaker, some have 2. Overpowered? No more than Guinevere.


Just to rehash @Brobb , GM is a requirement for top 50 and tank is an acceptable field position.


GM is not, of course, “required” for the top 50 - any turnip such as myself can fight their way there very easily, and you yourself just demonstrated (with a wildly unrepresentative sample) that not every top 50 team includes GM. Moreover:

  • Our discussion is about GM’s usefulness as a tank, not as a team member in other positions: even if GM was “required” for the top 50 (and as we have established, he is not), that would not provide any evidence of his value as a tank.
  • Players make it to the top 50 by having good attack teams, not good defence teams. We have no evidence that the defences of the top 50 players are any better than the defences of the players ranked 950-1000.
  • Players herd terribly. If the idea that GM is a good tank takes hold, many players will use GM as a tank regardless of the consequences.

All this is excellent for me, and for everyone else who likes defeating weak teams. GM is not only not overpowered, he is seriously underpowered for use as a tank. If you struggle to beat him in that position then either your team or your tactics are wrong.


For It’s interesting because I use him as a tank and win 2 to 1 with him pretty consistantly. And I hover overnight at 2600 cups. He is pretty easy to beat with the right team… just like Guinevere honestly, but he can wreck you with an inconsistent board. In many instances he can get two specials off in the tank position before one special loads on the attack team.

** edit I just won 7 out of 9 on defense and am at 2737 cups right now.

*2nd edit with recent defense.


How can you argue against @Brobb when GM is second most used tank in the top 100 right behind the most complained about hero in the history of the game. Nothing to see there. Not required except on 49 of 50 top 50 teams and several have 2 Gravemakers, that’s because he is not overpowered and a relatively balanced hero. Please do explain @Brobb with further anecdotal evidence how hilarious it is to see Gravemaker tanks and how easily you smash through all of those top defenses everyday. Please provide supporting screenshots to back up your story, I smell bologna.


Just to be clear, I am not nor have ever claimed to be a top 100 raider but with a 3 stack blue team I cannot kill Gravemaker before he goes off or cleanse before he kills 2 heroes minimum at tier 4 level 80. Given a perfect board he still goes off before dying. Ideal? Maybe not, but definitely not something to scoff at.


(If you think Guin is “the most complained about hero in the history of the game” then you must be new around here.) This is how:

Maybe you didn’t read that? Certainly you have not responded to it in any way.

[Rolls eyes.] How shocking - you struggle with GM, so you don’t believe he is easy for others to beat. Later today or tomorrow I’ll hunt a bunch of GM tanks, just for you, and post the screenshots.

This provides us with some clues about what the issues here might be.

  1. Why are you 3 stacking blue against GM? That’s a recipe for getting bad boards and losing.
  2. What sort of vulnerable team are you running that a couple of hits from GM are problematic? Maybe it’s your heroes that are the problem or maybe it’s your troops, but GM hits like a little kitten - you shouldn’t be bothered by setting his special off once or twice.


I would also like to add that I think GM is overpowered. The problem is he’s extra strong against green. If I stack up 3 greens against a blue tank, GM will single Handley kill them. Even trying to bring 2 greens against a team with GM is hard. If you have a few good blues, he might not worry you. He’s over powered if you have to skip or specifically worry about him.


The top places are all about staying there. To come to top100 is really easy, so the defense team is much more important in raid. And the defence of the top places is better , especially with the troops. The same team with level 10 or level 30 troops is a different world.


Wow, GM is not a problem during raids. Yes, he does manage to kill my team now and then along with the rest of the heroes on the team and that is the way it ought to be. I do actually lose some raid attacks. Everyone does. I think you are missing Brobb’s point. The problem is not with GM. The Problem is most likely with the construction of your raid team.

You do not have to stack three against the tank. If that is your “Go to”, you are most likely raiding above your strength. When you stack three of the same element, you accept the variance that comes with it. That variance ends up in unwinnable situations now and then. Do I do it? Yes. I accept the losses when they come. My suggestion is that you do the same. Meanwhile, the game is a puzzle. Your current puzzle is how to beat GM. Try to solve that. It really isn’t that difficult.


Lp mene zanima kako to mislite tank pa neki A+


Here are 5 consecutive GM tanks from earlier this morning.

You’ll forgive me not collecting 6, I hope - I didn’t have full flags at the time.


Here are another 6 GM tank attacks from just now. This time you’ll see that I lost the first raid (I neglected to kill Alby early - an amateur error), but won at the second attempt. The next five didn’t cause any problems.

That’s 10 for 11 on GM tanks today.


The problem of this debate is the same as always, to know if a hero is unbalanced we take the first 100 or talk about killing those who have super teams. The balance is not for the first 100, the balance is general. GVM is in all grades and, unlike all others, a full GVM, in the range of 2000 to 2450 trophies wins only. Do not look at the balance only up, do not play only 2000.