Who are each Heroes' kryptonite(s)? / Which heroes most effectively counter other heroes?

Is there a list that has a compilation of the heroes that are most effective versus each hero?

Sure there are the color stacking like G Panther + Khiona + Sartana vs Guin but what about hero vs hero?

The strong color is assumed to be self explanatory but what about with their skills, mana speed, and their (attack defense health) stats.

This will be helpful for me to set my war teams, thanks.
Can’t think of any other than:

Caedmon owns Boril

Gravemaker is kryptonite to all green heroes.

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Melendor owns Boril. Caedmon has to be very careful about where he shoots since he dispels after dealing damage. :slight_smile:

Are you looking only for the most effective counter against each hero (which might be a silence or a mana block for a great many of them)?

Or are you only looking at the opposing heroes that completely undo what the hero in question has done (like Kiril or Magni flipping Wilbur’s spirit link into an advantage by overwriting the defense debuff with a defense buff)?

Do you consider cleanses as kryptonite for dispellable DOT dealers (Zimkitha)? Or cleanse + heal (Rigard)?

Aegir owns Aegir. Though perhaps Aegir’s days of bullying Aegir are close to an end.

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Just ‘oneshotted’ Gravey at 4.4x with Athena at 3.5x under Boldies att buff…

Yes, most effective counters against each hero.
Agree, Mel owns boril more so than caedmon but I’d list both.

No list exists that I’m aware of. Mostly, this information exists in the form of rules of thumb (like: use a buff to overwrite a dispellable debuff, and use a debuff to overwrite a dispellable buff).

Just to give an idea of the magnitude of the problem, here’s a list of ways I came up with for coping with Isarnia. Aeron could be added to that list, since his special keeps Isarnia’s debuff from sticking.

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Kiril owns Santa.
Evelyn owns Aegir.

I’m playing this game for say 1 year… I know the stats of the hero’s but I miss something from the math group or the experience players…

Everybody ask for help to make a def team of a first team…

I’m looking for a best counter hero list… 4* and 5* hero’s

Is there a list wich hero’s counter a enemy hero ?

Like a knight fight (1 on 1 )

(no counter teams, but single hero against one hero…)

Try this thread

If that’s what you’re looking for, perhaps @zephyr1 can merge…if that doesn’t start WW3


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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I like Victor vs Guin if it would be a 1 on 1. Victor steals healing, so Guin can’t recover from purple tiles as fast


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