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It depends on my in-game situation. Right now I would use it on an event summon, because I have no event heroes and I have increased my hero capacity quite a bit already. I also still need more ‘‘better’’ heroes to have a great bench of heroes ready for alliance wars.

During the first few days or weeks I would use them on an event summon (or other type) for sure. After that on hero capacity.

Within a few months from now, I will use them on hero capacity slots again. Then on another event summons in case I did not receive any worthwile event heroes yet.

In the very end, once I have an in-depth roster of heroes, I might think about adding team slots. But at this moment, it’s pointless for me.


The only reason i wont pick the 1/3 event summon is because unless the other 200 gems are guaranteed, i dont even worry about it. I have been wanting that 6th team slot for a while and have plenty of hero space. Team slot gets my vote even if im not entirely happy i have to pay for it in the first place! Alas, luxuries are afforded.

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As everybody said. Depends on situation.

What Heroes? How many?

Agree…depends…today team slot but tomorrow capacity. With those know what will get

team slots and increased capacity should be 2 things people use gems for if they regularly buy gems. if f2p or c2p then summona should be main use of gems

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What would you choose for 100 gems?
55% - 1/3 event summon
40% - Increase capacity by 5/10
10% - Add team slot / Increase capacity by 5/10

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