White Rabbit or Malosi

7 darts only and dilemma which one to choose (it will be used mainly for wars)???

Bunny is the bomb for mine, more utility

Should be on your purple Titan team too

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See: Voidstrike’s ToS of his reply

I would lean toward White Rabbit because he applies the undispellable defense down ̷ ̷t̷o̷ ̷3̷ to one while Malosi only prevents a single target.


White Rabbit hits three, hard.

He gives a moderate defence debuff to target - the extension when healed doesn’t always come into play, but you really come to appreciate it against heal-over-time hero’s (whether you’re firing at the healer or healed)…
So against Telluria tanked teams, for example, you’ll sometimes see it come into effect.

My Bunny has been maxed since release and he sees a lot of use.
Malosi seems interesting, but he’s not a levelling priority right now…

I’d do the :rabbit:


That defence down is only on one :+1:


In my honest opinion it would have to be white rabbit.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

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White Rabbit for darts 100%


Yeah rabbit any 5* from wonderlsnd is worth mats

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Thanx for advice :slight_smile: all votes for Rabbit, so it’s easy to choose :slight_smile: almost done :yum: happy easter for all and take care :mask:


I was about to ask the same question. Just got my 6th dart

Here’s my maxed yellows

Here’s the candidates for maxing. It’s gotta be the Rabbit, right? Just got him a few days ago.

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Depends what’s maxed in other colours too, to some extent…

There’s a couple of arguments for Delilah… She’s a really useful healer to have maxed, and if you’re working towards a minion mayhem team then she slots right in (plus fighter class on healers is awesome).
Then again, if you’ve got lots of healers already and want a hit-3…

I enjoy my Rabbit immensely, but I’d think hard about Del too.

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Malosi is just as effective at 3/70. Rabbit is the way to go.

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Sure, the White Rabbit before Malosi

…and Delilah (Fighter!) before Malosi should be considered - even with respect to your other fighters there. All very true, what BubblesUK mentioned.

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That’s an interesting point. I maxed Puss in Boots and Telluria. Also Seshat. I maxed Puss early because I heard about all these minion heroes coming out.

Delilah along with Puss would create a serious minion issue for my opponents. And they both do some healing.

Ive has doubts about Malosi, so I’m almost there with Rabbit. If I hadn’t had pulled Rabbit, Delilah would have certainly been next.

Unless there’s some other yellow that comes along before I get the next set of darts, Delilah is next. I have plenty of cleric emblems but my fighter emblems are spread between Kingston and Tyr. She would still be useful maxed out without emblems, but rabbit with 11 emblems is going to slay

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Also makes a case for people to start maxing Grimble. He was a little bit ahead of his time, but the more minion heroes that come around, the more useful he becomes


Would you put him on D?
No. Because attackers would just leave the minions at home and then he’s not very good.

Would you set minion heavy teams on D?
Probably not, because Telluria at tank seems to thrive best with DoT flanks.

And if there’s very few minion heavy defences, why would you want to bother preparing for them by maxing Grimble?


I’m not maxing Grimble yet. I think there will be a lot of minion heavy defenses in the future. Thets why I think Grimble was ahead of his time. I wouldn’t use him on my defense. Just offense when i come across minion heavy defenses

Possibly… It just depends how much more bite those minion hero’s get.

At present most of them are support hero’s and to get max effect you want to fire the specials in the right order to get max effect.
As good as these minion teams can be in attack, I don’t think they’d be successful with AI control.

I had same dileema… until I see that Rabbit hits 3(!) targets )

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