Whiplash week of emotions

Am I the only one experiencing a whiplash of emotions in the past few days?

The wonderful feeling of being surprised by the awesome Valentine’s Day offer to the rumour of possibly having to use gems for a future activity … and then topped off by the loss of a valued member.

I want the Valentine feeling back :persevere:


Not just you, I feel the same way.

We can’t control the game mechanics, offers, or pricing models.

But we can control how we act as a community and treat each other. I hope people take an extra moment to reflect on that.


echoing your feelings…

and, to be honest, I am feeling just a tad tired of the rising toxic nature of the some of the forum posts. There is no fun in coming here to share or help anymore.


Yeah, you’re not the only one :cry:
Add to this list the Emblem offer in store and the real possibility other valued top players will quit.
Sad times :cry:

Sadly true.
But I will always prefer and face the shitty reality instead of pretending that everything is fine and go on with a fake joy.
SG will screw up this game completely if they will continue on this route, more and more people will leave. Sad but true story.

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1st off link above for all u guys to read & gather yr own thoughts. not trying to stir anything here.

I’m starting to feel the burnout from this game as well. I’m also a P2W player & of course cannot compare in terms of $$ power to the big boys out there but I’m sure most of us have spend some dough trying to improve our own game.

What I’m seeing now is like a repeat of 1 of those hp chinese rpg game which I played & quit few yrs back. (Romance of 3 kingdom related)

more & more $$ enticing stuff are coming up & dev are making u grind longer & harder but at e same time turning a deaf ear to players’ feedback/complaints.

Have been feeling upset since the wonderland events & now dev are dangling purchase of emblems. there’s even rumors on this forum tat u need to spend gems for special raids (or whatever u call it)

it’s just like pulling e game further & further apart catering only to those who can afford it & taking e fun out of this game.

I expect ppl to flame just as how some are flaming anchor in another thread but he totally deserved our respect just for what he has done & sharing selflessly with all of us.

I might rage quit myself soon… cause the enjoyment which started out is now starting to give me fustrations & anger at forever catching up.

end of rant.

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I agree. I wasn’t on the forums for a while because of real life stuff and after I got more time again, I also started to enjoy this game again. But coming back to the forums more, also because of doing testing in beta again, kind of killed my enjoyment a bit.
So, I’ll probably will leave beta soon too, because to be honest, it doesn’t feel our feedback really matters anyway (I felt the same way when testing alliance wars last year). I do enjoy testing this new feature, so might sit this version out before I leave.
I might stay on the forums to offer my help once in a while, but probably won’t come here often, because of all the negativity on here.


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