While I was grinding my beautiful Training Camp


Just a regular day, grinding on one of my beloved Training Camps and I was wondering… Can someone find me something more useless in this game than this…

The loved levels of Training Camp 14-18 that nobody with a small common sense and logic would ever use

For anyone wondering how they work, you pay close to 300k hams and 70 recruits for a color specific 2* with chances of 3* and 2 days wait time… you heard that right, 2* with chances of 3*…


Why Jahangir have always a different face? °_°


Wait a sec - it’s not a guaranteed 3*???


I thought they were guaranteed 3*, so I did the research on the first one. “RARE or lower rank”. That’s pretty awful, even for this game. If it was 6 hours or something it would still suck, but 2 days? Come on.


Oh and I forgot to mention reaching lvl 15 TC takes almost 2 months of everyday game play, and lvl 18 would take about 3 and a half or 4 months…


Doesn’t make any sense at all, that’s just bad development…

It would only make sense if it were guaranteed color specific 3* with chances of 4*…


No, it doesn’t. Thankfully, I skipped it and am at TC20 so I wouldn’t ever use it anyways.


I have a maxed 3* with the special not at full power, so if this was a guaranteed 3*, I maybe would have tried for a duplicate to improve those power up chances. As it stands, basically worthless.


That was the only saving grace, at least I thought.


They are for completionists lol


I found a use for it. I have full storages. Waiting Four days for SH16. Research on Advanced became a spend Hams that will recover by the time the wait is finished. Though I will only do that when necessary . If I can find a better way to spend Iron it would be nice. I only have Craft Hall at 14 so Dragon Banner is my biggest Iron send until the SH is finished.


Here’s lvl 15-18. The potions take food, the others take iron. Happy leveling!


This is forge, was talking about TC :roll_eyes:


I was speaking to Hammerstrong, directly above me:


I know :slightly_smiling_face:, but I like how we’re bumping this thread :smirk::sweat_smile::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Thanks for validating my strategy of just leveling 1 TC with my stronghold without doing any research. Now the forge is something that I’ll need to keep up with as those are some very useful items. I just got done with stronghold 15 so I’ll be here a while :slight_smile: .


My biggest issue with any of this is the fact they force you to “pay” a ton of food for “Research” that’s just total crud. And that’s after you just spent ‘X’ amount of steel to unlock that level and waited ‘X’ amount of time…Psst…


That’s grinding without reward through those levels…