While I wait for a shield

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Alberich in a heart beat.

Yes, he is a HotM, but the Devs have said we can get him again. It might be like my desire for a Merlin avatar, possible but extremely unlikely, but we don’t know yet.

Just a personal note.

I got 4* green healer Kasshrek ( OMG that hero is a tank, 30% more HP than squishy, attack heavy 4* green healer Melendor. I still use Kasshrek occasionally especially versus titans ) to 2.50 when I summoned Melendor. I needed Melendor for his clear debuff in raids. So I raised Kasshrek to 3.1 then started to level Melendor.

This was one of the most aggravating experiences in the game, waiting for Melendor to be useful. Then I thought to check 4.70 Kasshrek versus 4.70 Melendor and realized how much of a tank Kasshrek, he is very tanky even for a healer, and how much of a glass cannon Melendor, such a high attack stat for a healer with such a weak HP for a healer. I think the Healers Guild makes him attend the Fighters Guild meetings because they are ashamed of him :grin:

So if you decide not to level Little John, compare his 4.70 stats in the summon menu with your “other” green’s stats (4* or 5*). So you are not disappointed with the “other” green’s attack stat (Little John’s is high for a green ).

Edit: just remembered this helpful link:

Updated, all 3*, 4*, 5* hero roster