While chatting, logged off due to inactivity

Periodically, I find myself explaining strategy or describing my thoughts and the time it takes to properly formulate and write my post in chat can go longer than the game allows for inactivity. So much so that I get “Logged off due to inactivity”. Can we make typing in chat part of activity that doesn’t log you off as long as you are typing or at the very least allow the words you so carefully formulated to be preserved?

When writing long posts in the chat I usually write it down on a notepad type of software in the mobile, and then copy and paste it on the chat. You can even put line breaks and formatting that way. :slight_smile:


Yes, I do that as well. Sometimes I am not planning on making it a longer post but ideas come and before I know it they’re on the chat page and before I know it they’re gone. Out of my head and off the post leaving me to ask myself, “What did I just write?”


Agreed. I know some people find me to be long winded and my posts are oftentimes considered TL;DR, but I’m trying to include lots of helpful information in one post, rather than posting 50 separate times which then ends up hiding all of the previous posts, which may also be equally relevant and important. I personally have a bit of difficulty typing on my phone, it takes me quite a bit longer compared to typing on a full sized keyboard where I c

logged off due to inactivity


@TGW tl;dr
Can you summarize it please?

How long are you typing? I sometime are in the game for a very long time only chatting, checking and noting titan hits and so on. Don’t do anything game related but never ever been kicked out for that.

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sum ppl typ slow on fone. ez 2 just make msgs short. hit titan. gl all! bbl


It’s not the length of time you chat. It’s the time it takes to formulate a comprehendable sentence structure so an already confusing topic can be understood such as war strategy. It is the time between starting a post on chat and pushing send. If I knew the amount of time that was, I could set an alarm. To find out I can use a stopwatch. My point is that using the keyboard to type on chat doesn’t count as activity and perhaps should especially since it’s very hard to scroll around and see what you already wrote that no longer shows up on the itty bitty screen. What starts out as a brief idea gets expounded and edited and logged off due to inactivity. All that work gets dumped as well. Warnings would be nice. My banking app gives me a one minute warning. Can empires-and-puzzles do so as well?

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Same here. But I do it on Line and send it to someone who is inactive. And I copy paste certain sentences or paragraphs due to the limitation of the number of text allowed in the in-game chat.


That’s also a good idea :slight_smile:

I have the same issue. As I start writing, I improvise on my original idea and end up writing lot more than initially anticipated.

Getting logged off due to inactivity is a thing in many websites and apps - not limited to E&P itself. It’s a security thing.

That’s why I made it a habit to write first in my Evernote. This has multiple benefits:

  • Saves to cloud - I’m not worried about losing data.

  • If I’m interrupted, I can resume writing later - whenever I get time.

  • I can write almost anywhere - laptop, phone, tablet. So, I can resume writing on a laptop something that I’ve started on a phone.

  • I have my thoughts and ideas saved at one place. Helps me go through them again whenever required.

  • Some of my Alliance messages tend to be repetitive (Eg: instructions/guidelines related to Titan/War situations). So, after I save a good number of such messages, it becomes a matter of looking up the right message from my Evernote and pasting it in the Alliance chat. If required, I’ll edit the message in Evernote itself.

  • Extremely easy to search through the pertinent notes with the help of tags.

I have an Evernote account, so I use it. You can use any such similar note taking app (that preferably saves to the cloud). Another such alternative is OneNote. :slightly_smiling_face:

Cheers!! :beers:

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