Which Yellow to Level?


Hi folks. I’m fairly new to the game and am only focused on Maps/Raids at the moment. I’m in pretty good shape for the most part, but would like some advice from the community on how to improve my team. My current roster looks like this:

(Blue) 4* Sonya 2^37
(Green) 4* Caedmon 2^8
(Red) 4* Boldtusk 1^31
(Purple) 3* Balthazar 2^34
(Yellow) 3* Bane 3^35

After 20 elemental summons, I now have the following yellows:

5* Justice
4* Wu Kong
4* Chao
4* Li Xiu
4* Hu Tao

Are any of these worth leveling or should I just max out Bane and try again later for Joon or Vivica? Thanks!


Guessing that you don’t have a big pile of Ascension materials. If that’s right, I would hold off on Justice. You will need eight orbs and six darts for him, and that may take a long while to accumulate. You will be better off spending your first four orbs getting a four star yellow fully complete.

On the four star yellows, they all are valuable. Given the rest of your team, I might favor Hu Tao. You have strong single-target attackers, so his area attack gives some diversity. And he will help offset the lack of a strong healer with his blinding special. i see Li Xiu more often on defense, though, because her mana removal can really hurt.

I would hold off on both Wu Kong and Chao. Wu is great when you will have several attempts on the same target, like on a titan or in challenge events. Personally, I’m not a big fan of his in raids. Chao seems a little underpowered, and you already have strong single target attackers.


Hu Tao is slow, and that’s a drag. I would choose Wu Kong, whose special is cool and base damage good.


It depends on what you want to focus on. Your AOE yellows are really best for defense tanks and Li Xiu is better than Hu Tao. Wu Kong is amazing, but you’ll want him when your other heroes are leveled.

Chao at 3/60 is better than Bane or Balthazar. He’s good on both maps and raids and decent at titans.

If your focus is ttians, level Wu Kong first then Chao
If raids, level both Chao and Wu Kong
if defense level Li Xiu.

and for the love of god, please level boldtusk. He’s awesome.

Also remember, there’s nothing that says you have to bring a rainbow team anywhere. Feel free to double up.


Wu Kong. He’s been my favorite yellow 4* that is widely available (Jackal is my favorite but he’s only on the Guardians event summon).


Ha! I just got Boldtusk the other day from a random Epic Summons and I plan to level him up ASAP. I’m waiting on more Red heroes to feed him, that’s all.

Thanks for the advice on the Yellows. I’m going to focus on Chao as a Bane replacement for now, followed by Li Xiu for my defensive team and Wu Kong after that. I’m not anywhere close to fighting Titans yet.

Is it worth hanging on to Hu Tao, or should I use him as leveling fodder? Along those same lines, once I get Chao up to the point he is better than Bane, is it worth keeping Bane for any reason or should I feed him to another yellow as well?


Keep bane for events. I’d keep at least one of every 4 and 5 star hero regarfless if you use them or not. You never know how you might feel in the future or what may change.

Personally I am levelling one of every 3* so I am ready for events


Wow, if you keep all 3* and up on your roster, how do you have room for any fodder heroes? Unless I’m doing it wrong, I’m waiting for 10 of any given color before leveling up my “active” heroes, so I wouldn’t have any room unless I use gems for more space. Maybe that’s the answer…


I contemplated buying spots earlier but didnt. Now have 70 spots. Donut gets easier as you level up


You better buy some spots early, it gets more expensive later. 85->90 is the first upgrade that costs 100 gems I think.


For 4 and 5 star heroes, don’t bother waiting to line up 10 yellows. You have so many extra levels compared to 3 stars, that I’ve never had a problem with specials not getting to 8/8 before tier 3 level 60 for four stars (which is where most people get stuck if they don’t have 4 orbs for yellows). Just feed him any 10 heroes until special is 8/8 (don’t forget you get two special bumps ascending to tier 2 and 3) and then feed him any hero as you get them.

Don’t eat Bane, he’s a top 3 star, you never know what you might need him for.


Wukong is the best all around hero out of that lineup, Chao second best.

Justice is a wait and see project as pretty much defense only and 6 darts is a while out; I wouldn’t bother leveling Li personally: I absolutely adored her early, but she really doesn’t work well except for early game defenses at this point… too many people have figured out just run 2xpurple and focus fire on her and just tile damage her to death.

Li’s average on raid attacks, good on defense, not good on titans.

Chao’s good on raid attacks, average on defense, good on titans

Wu’s really good on raid attacks, interesting on defense (people without dispellers will curse your monkey), and an end-game hero on titans currently.

Really not a comparison, build the one with the most functionality and that’s clearly Wu.


I wouldn’t get rid of HuTao just yet. Later when you have a better grasp of all the heroes and what they do (and when), you can decide whether to dump or keep him.

Personally, I keep one of every 4* and 5*. Never know when a hero will get an upgrade at a later update down the line. :slight_smile:


Keep them all. Buy more space if you have to.

I’ve eaten several heroes I wish I hadn’t. Wu Kong included.

Just don’t do it.


I have wu knog and chao - for the love of Pete please level wu kong first!


Thanks for the guidance everyone. It’s been a tremendous help!