Which Yellow to focus on? Wu Kong, Vivica

Hey All. I have only 3 magic otbs and wonder who should I be spending them on ( when i finally find 4th one)

My Yellows:

My heros:


Thanks fo any help.

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Wu-kong, you need him for titans and he can help you everywhere.


Recomment wu …he’s a must have on titans


I would think that depends on what your game plan is…as the other posters here have mentioned Wu Kong but he’s not a healer in the way Vivica is, he’s an offensive buffer…So as I said, it depends on what you plan on doing…For Raids personally I’d take Vivica because she’s 100% guarenteed to work the way she was intended, with Wu you have a shot at missing entirely on both raids and Titans…Just my two cents

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For where your roster is at, definitely Wu Kong. You need solid 4* utility heroes like him to consistently get access to ascension mats and resources to eventually work on your 5* heroes.

On a related note, the Shiloh Desert Rare Quest is coming up soon (probably about 8-11 days from now), and offers a way to get your 4th orb if you can beat the second to last level.

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Wu is the goo!


Another vote for Wu Kong.

He’s going to help you everywhere. People mentioned titans, where you will use him even at point where you have 30 maxed 5*, but he is helping me also:

  • In offense raids
  • In events & challenges, especially the stages where you face monsters whose TP is higher than your team.

Really the only places where I don’t use him is raid defense and rare titan that reflects yellow. And you already have other great healers to leave Vivica where she is for now.


wu, always Wu.
Also remember a solid 4* roster clears the way to diamond


Sorry i didnt get that, what do you mean by clears the way…


everyone need a solid 4* roster before going to diamond where you find a 5* defense. 4* heroes can take you to diamond as you will be getting more mats from events, rare quests and titans to finally leveling your 5* heroes


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