Which yellow ? Kara or Peñolite?


Another day, another question. This time, it’s for my own roster.

I’ve been very very very lucky yesterday and pulled in less than 10 pulls Goseck and Peñolite.

Of course, I was leveling Kara, sitting currently at 3/70.

Both Kara and Peñolite could get emblems, no problem.

This is my yellow roster :

Knowing that my only taunting hero is Queen of Hearts, would you choose Kara over Peñolite ? Or Peñolite over Kara ? Please let me know !

I hope this helps

  • Kara
  • Peñolite

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I would do Penolite since you lack punch in yellow


Thanks everyone ! So it will be Peñolite. :slight_smile: