Which yellow? (Justice, Neith, Owl)

I’d rather ascend Joon or Poseidon but don’t have either, and my TC20 hasn’t blessed me with Joon yet. I have seven darts. Let’s not worry about my other colors since they’re fine. Here are my options:

And here’s the rest of my yellow bench. I also have Wu Kong and Hu Tao without emblems.

Should I wait or pull the trigger?

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Sem sombras de duvidas, Neith!!!
Personagem deveras útil, vale a pena passar os dados para ela

I would go Neith for her speed/blind.

I feel that your order would be:

  1. Neith
  2. Justice
  3. … someone else
  4. Guardian Owl

Translation in English via Google:

“No doubt about it, Neith !!!
Very useful character, it is worth passing the data to her”


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You def need some fast fire power… joon or Poseidon would be ideal… but if you’re set of maxing something you have, I’d go neith. You’ll get the blind from justice at a faster rate and hopefully enough mana reduction to give your other heroes the necessary edge to win.



20 gold assassin characters

Gold assassin makes no sense :rofl:


It’s when you go to who to ascend question mark that you realize how bad is yellow.

Kunchen is not great because of being him but thank to the weak opponant colour.

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Gold assassin — I mean Holy assassin could certainly be like “the angel of death”

But Neith is mostly a nuisance.

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