Which would you level?

I have been working on Scarlett. She isn’t even tier 3 yet. Just pulled Sir Lancelot :blush:

If you doesnt have kiril or boldtusk go with lance and be happy :slight_smile:

it all depends on your roster and what you want to use them for.

example: asking what to buy - phone or tablet - depends on your budget and if you wanna make calls or play games. right? :wink:

If you’re already leveling scarlett you might as well take her to 3/60 so she’s at least usable


You might as well get Scarlett to 3:60 since you’re close anyway. They are both squishy heroes, she has attack debuff while he has attack and mana buff. If you don’t have an attack buffer you could level him, but I’ve had him at lvl 1 since 2 knights of Avalon events ago because I always used boldtusk as my red. Got healing and nice attack buff…with better stats than lance.

Lancelot and Scarlett fulfill the same role - glass cannon. They’re both squishy and they both hit hard. I think Lancelot is the better hero because of his special.

First, there have been studies performed on the question of whether attack buff is better than enemy attack debuff, and it’s pretty much always better to attack buff your own team. Second, Lancelot’s mana acceleration is super useful. For me, Lancelot is the easy choice.

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