Which would be a better idea for our Lord and Savior Proteus?

I am having trouble deciding what I should have on my first Proteus as a troop for when I do get both sets of 4 star troops for dark on my main account. For this first Proteus, I am going down the attack defense stats. And I am pondering if this one should get the mana troop or the crit troop. Cause the mana troop would increase his DoT and speed up charging while the crit troop would increase his survivability.

Believe me I do plan on obtaining a dupe of him so I can go to town with absolute map control. To quote a certain Collector General from a while ago, “Assuming control!” The second one I plan on concentrating on defense and health. I am wondering what all of you would do in this situation. Thanks in advance. :grin:🖒

In a tough battle, Proteus will not survive much, any troop would have. So the obvious choice here, is to try charging him as quickly as you can. It is enough to fire and then may die. The battle is won (in 99% of cases).

When I go against teams 4300+ with Guin or Onatel tank, Proteus has the mana troops; Seshat the crit (minions also do critical damage).

Anyway, I spent some to get all type of troops. First, I leveled mana to 11. After I stopped and levelled crit to 8 or 11, depending of my stacks. And then mana to 17. After this, second and 3rd mana to 5. And now I work for mana 23.

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For me, my Proteus gets full defense and hp route. The most important thing is living to fire, the additional damage (while nice at node 20) is irrelevant compared to stopping 3 heroes charging for three turns. So in terms of emblems I did this:

In terms of troops, for similar reasons I would recommend crit troops, the attack bonus isn’t much lower, but heaps more survivability


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