Which wizards would you choose


I have some questions around the wizard talent. Actually i have kiril and proteus and one of them should get the tokens. My general tendency…Proteus. But there i have some thoughts about…will his Dot also increased by the talent…so…eventually get +30 % for 2 buffs? And will he at first give the enemy his two buffs (no Mana and Dot) and then will the damage calculated or will it happend simultaneously?

I hope for some help…thank you


Proteus, I think Kiril is not really worth it to spend on him class emblems as a wizard

I agree with Proteus. Kiril is a great hero, but his special won’t be improved by talents. Proteus’s will, increasing his DoT with each +attack talent.

The way Proteus, or any DoT hero works, is that the damage/turn is always the same, dependent only on the caster’s native attack strength+troop bonus. I’m not sure what you mean by the 20%?

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My question was that the extra damage works also for his special…so if he would deal 400 dmg for 3 turns and the talent is activated for 2 buffs so he would deal 520 dmg for 3 turns? Or does it only work for SS with “deals XXX% Damage”?

Because kiril himself is not dealing any debuff, proteus is the better deal

I’m 99% confident that the DoT from his special won’t be boosted by Jinx. Hismtile,Danae will, though.

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That makes Proteus almost a waste, in my opinion. Sure the attack stat boost helps, but you’re basically giving away all the potential extra damage that someone like a Sartana or Merlin would get.

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Sartana really is the big winner here, even if it takes 3x longer than a 4*, she’ll be worth it.

This are bad news…but at least Proteus is actually my best choice…maybe i will get a Sartana from my TC20 in the future…

The biggest winner is Zeline. Fast Jinx to all damage --> that hurts. Zeline is already borderline, and a attack trimmed full leveled Zeline will be simply the best, and OP for sure.

Or maybe Isarnia? She can gain the defense/health she’s always lacked and puts a potentially huge kicker on her already brutal damage. Isarnia is one of the few heroes where the class may shift her relative ranking.

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I love the damage Isarina can do but she’s high maintenance in terms of mana pots!

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