Which will be the next blunder

Can you tell what the next blunder will be?

    1. Wrong hero featured again
    1. Wrong specials and stats on hero again
    1. Change event whilst playing it
    1. Are you kidding? No more blunders in E&P this year
    1. Other blunder
  • Ooops

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Went with Ooops. That’s pretty much what this comes down to. People making mistakes. Other people making too big a deal about it. Ooops.


thwy will change SE 1after is shown just to block any possibility to be known before

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Looks promising for a fantastic portal with only two new heroes and great chance to get those this week :upside_down_face:

Happy gaming

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Everyone can make mistakes, sure. But three times in a row? That is far beyond “oops”. Also this is not a school project, they want to sell us the game


I went with Ooops cos that’s a typical Zynga response hidden behind “technical issue yadda yadda”.


Next blunder will be their response to this … “Ooops”

I went with wrong hero featured and i bet it will be convenant of champions😅

“It’s working as intended” :rofl:


Is there a correlation between the faulty gameplay and the amount of new heroes being rolled out? Almost as if the company prioritises one over the other?


Hopefully NOT Soul Exchange :angry:

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The january balance update probably wont exist or will basically only buff next event in schedule heroes. Again.

I hear you, I do. But this is not an Ooops.
For 40 minutes, they had a much better hero in the gate to pull for. (For clarity, I did not, by the time I woke up, she was already the lackluster ugly thing that is there currently - For more clarity, this pleased me as there is absolutely no reason to pull for her)
But changing the gate, as well as changing one hero’s stats and special skill after several people have pulled, is not an ooops.
Perhaps it was an ooops the first time.
The second time, it could maybe be considered a really big freaking ooops.
But the third portal in a row is not an ooops, it is carelessness and neglect. Treating their player base like crap. And while this shouldn’t surprise me, (no underhanded move, whether deliberate, or an accident on SG’s part should surprise any of us) it still kind of does. Three times in a row? Wow.

Perhaps we should ask Petri to have the devs take a look at the next portal on it’s way in advance.
Start a thread saying the Lunar New Year heroes are incorrect, and another for Season 5.


I am in no way the spokesperson for “Ooops”. I agree that they’re making a lot of mistakes. They’ve got to quit it. But I disagree that it’s a huge problem that is “treating thier playerbase like crap”.

They will send out a mass message saying sorry a free tornado and a discount deal for 5 bucks


What was this blunder, i must of missed it.

Vanilla Obakan, Horghall are the featured heroes in Season 5 portal

And then Dawa is the featured hero in Tavern of Legends

:rofl: :rofl: :joy: :joy: :joy:


Frigg costume nerfed 1 hour after portal released (different to beta version displayed on forum); featured heroes changed randomly across three portals in a row

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I’m guessing lunar new year portal will be even more crappier as well?

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Well, that was a given, even if no “mistakes” are made. Based on what was seen in beta, a 99.5% chance to summon dupe S1 trash can’t be anything but crappy. No matter how much lipstick SG tries to put on that pig, it will still be a pig.