Which will be the better defence team?

freya is good at supporting telly.

kage deals strongly.

its so hard to choose.

For emblem vela and freya are both druids.

even though i cant decide…

please help!

Maybe try both and see which has more wins vs. losses over 2 or 3 days?

i am using c.vivica as a left wing due to def cut

but as a slow healer wing looks not that good.

but vela works well in flank.

as well as bk.

what can i do in this situation

what is the best option!

Please help

which will be better???

c. magni or kingston

or replace joon?

Looking at your defense, Magni is better. Double blue is better than double green with green as tank.
Use Magni as a poor man’s Finley in this case.

but isnt mitsuko counter? if 2 blue attackers are in defence team. thats what i beat 2 blue telly tank. mitsuko jean zimlitty tyr bold

True. But you’ve got fast battling average. Just hope your defense is faster. :blush:

i see i just need a luck~!

Well, that’s true, and also vulnerable against a green stack.
But it is still better than using double green and vulnerable to any red stack.

@ysfather PLEASE, instead of making a new thread for different defence options, just put it all together in one post…

Best option is to post your entire roster to this thread and ask “whats the best defence I can make”

dear Guvnor.

Actually it is not duplicate.

i have three account which all spent cash a lot.

so can you open it again for me to get some wise answer from people

oh i see… you made it in one article thank you!

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