Which way to go?

Hey guys, i’m @ a point where i ask myself which way should i go? I do have a roster of 39 Heros currently and just got my 2nd Hero to 4.70. ! i do lvl in rainbow Obakan, Wu Kong, Grimm, Lianna and Boldtusk but have the feeling it could go faster without both 5* and especially when i would only lvl one hero at a time. Whats your Opinion? Which Heros should i lvl in which order? Thx in advance for your help!

Boldtusk, Grimm and WuKong are the ones you should focus on.

Caedmon and Sabina too if you want to keep leveling in a rainbow manner.

I’m assuming you dont have the material to fully ascend a 5*. If you do, congrats! :slight_smile:

Oh yeah i forgot to mention that i cannot ascend the 5* otherwise it would be easy :slight_smile: I decided to not bring them any furthter then 3.70 or 2.60 until i have the mats to actually get thwm to 4.80. I guess this will happen when all my 4* and 3* are maximized xD

Better to ascend the 5x 4* to 4.70 than to take 5* to 3.70.

Very few 5* at 3.70 are better than 4* at 4.70.

Also Boldtusk, Grimm and WuKong are heros you will likely use ALOT even if you max out a few 5* heros.

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Id keep levelling all 5 at once but putting Tiburtus before Obakan.

Thx so far at all so to sum things up 4* in this order:

Purple: Sabina or Tiburtus, Rigard
Yellow: Wu kong and then? Chao, Hu tao?
Red: Boldtusk and then? Colen, Kelile, Scarlett?
Blue: Grimm and then? Sonya lr the 2nd Kiril and Grimm?
Green: Caedmon and then? Little John or one of the 3 Melendors?

I would agree mostly with Fledoble above

Wu Kong, Grimm and Boldtusk, Rigard and Caedmon.

I’d chose Rigard over Sabina because you already have a debuffer in Caedmon.
Sabina has a better attack, but Rigard has a better defense.

If you want to go with Sabina, then I’d probably go with Little John over Caedmon.
I don’t like to use Little John because of his slow speed, but I HATE to go against him.
His special skill usually decimates my team.

Cyprian and Rigard turns Little John to dog sauce. I charge them both then unload dead tiles until he wrecks himself then cleanse.

Keep working on 5 heroes at once. Progress on an individual hero is slower, but overall is much faster. The 20% bonus XP for on-color leveling means that for each group of 5 heroes you level, you get a 6th hero worth of XP for free.

I’m at a similar stage in the game, only I’ve had Del as my only yellow bigger than 3* for most of my playing time, and taken her to 3/70, where she waits for two more darts. She is truly amazing for hard map levels / quest levels / etc, and I have no regrets, despite the common (and generally good) advice not to ascend a 5* past 2/60 until you have the materials to do the final ascension.

Aside from that one plug, I really like the list @giZm0_o made.

Right now, your only focus should be Wu and Grimm. It is possible to go for five at once as BWH advises, but that can be resource dependent.

As you are leveling, other heroes may show up that will change your situation, but Wu and Grimm will be bedrock on which you build

Sorry @BarryWuzHere, I’m going to be picky on your wording here. Obviously the 20% exp bonus is real, but the idea that overall it’s much faster to level a team is misleading.

Focusing on one hero at a time and throwing all the feeders you get on them will get you a much more effective hero much faster. When we’re talking about game changing heros like Boldtusk, Wu, and Grimm, getting any of them up high enough will have more of an impact on giZm0_o’s team than trying to slowly and efficiently level a rainbow squad.

@giZm0_o, I would suggest that once you have a full team of 3/60 or 4/70 4*s, then go back to leveling a rainbow if you really want. Since you’ve already got Lianna and Obakan high into the 3rd ascention, bring them up to 3/70, but I would be working on Grimm, Melendor (a big heal and dispell), and Wu (for titans at least).

It is going to build your team faster, long-term to feed on-color than feed one hero a rainbow.

If you feed 5 heroes in sequence a rainbow diet, assuming they are all 5 colors, it will take longer to get them all done than it would feeding all 5 doing it on-color. OK, only 15% longer 'cuz 20% of the rainbow will match

Feeding a rainbow will also build special skills up more slowly, although that’s only likely to matter for heroes that stop / get stuck at level 60.

That said, getting a hero or two leveled up fast could improve your game enough to justify losing some efficiency, as you suggest.

If @giZm0_o wants to make two or three heroes a priority, say, Grimm, Melendor, and Wu like you suggest, he can do modified on-color feeding of those three.

Give Grimm the blues, Mel the greens, and Wu the yellows.

And give the off-color (purple and red) all to whichever one is top priority. As I’m currently working on leveling up Wu for titans, and he sure is squishy, I’d seriously consider giving him all the extras.

Im being pedantic here, especially since we seem to agree on most points, but:

It’s not faster in real-world time to level heroes same color feeding. It is only a more efficient use of resources.

:rofl: I can be pedantic too, and yes, we do agree pretty much.

Faster in real-world time depends on exactly what you are measuring.

If you are measuring total time to max all 5 heroes, yes, it is faster to feed on-color in real time as well as being more efficient.

If you are measuring how soon Wu Kong will be maxed, real-world time is way faster with a rainbow.

Aside: Thanks for challenging me. It has made me push Wu a bit harder/faster at the cost of efficiency, which should keep him alive longer fighting titans for the week or two that I’m working on it, improving my titan damage.

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