Which way do I go? Who's the better fit to improve what I have? Guidance needed on Red

1.) Ok I have 12 blades with many wanting attention.

5* Elena 1:50 many talk bad about her because she is slow.

4*Sir Lancelot 3:60
Gormek 3:60
Kelile 3:60
Sumitomo 3:42

2.) Maybe it’s time to start focusing on 5* but I don’t have many. I’m sure some would ask what else I have before giving advice so pics are below. Margaret is the only 5* not showing that I have. Levels are not a problem I have 2 TC11 with 115+ in each & TC19 with over 700+ ready just waiting on food.
Evelyn is a no brainer and I do have AM for her.

Are you struggling in any of the trials? If so, do any red that will help you in that trial (if there is one).

Barring that, I’d do one of the following:

  1. I can’t see if your Rudolph and Namahage are maxed. If not, and the raid tournaments are interesting to you, I’d do one or both, as they’re phenomenal. Also do them if you’re not completing the three star level of events. It won’t take long, and it won’t take blades, which may be good - I don’t think it’d be the worse thing if you had a little more time to make a decision.
  2. Just based on what I can see, I think I’d lean towards Lancelot, as I think he’ll add the most for your attacks on green titans (Boldtusk, Wilbur, Scarlett, Lancelot, Wu Kong - outstanding).

Yes Rudolph & Namahage are both maxed

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You’re at a point where it wouldn’t be crazy to work on the right 5*, although I’d probably still be focusing on 4* mostly in your shoes, so as to build war depth.

I agree with @IvyTheTerrible: since you have Wilbur, Lance is probably the most useful hero to add. Kelile is sturdy, but a disappointment in terms of damage. Sumitomo is nice, but not particularly a team player. Lancelot adds damage to a green titan team, and his buff helps keep BT and Wilbur ready to fire, which is super useful.


@Garanwyn As for 5* my 2nd TC20 will be up in 3 days then I can run 1 for 5*s and TC19 on the other for feeders.

Thinking this for next projects

Purple: finish Tiburtus, Merlin, finish Sabrina, Cheshire Cat, Ameonna

Yellow: Inari, Danzaburo, hoping for event hero like Guardian Jack or Gretel

Red: Sumitomo to 3:60, finish Sir Lancelot, then Elena, (hoping to get Colen) soon

Blue: finish Sonya, finish Triton, then Agwe & 2nd Grimm to 3:60, (hoping to get Boril soon )

Green: Evelyn to 3:70, (I have AM to finish her) maybe Hisan & Muggy, then Gadeirus or Skittleskull to 3:60

Nice! That’s a good list you have going :slight_smile:

Jackal is transformative. You’ll find him incredibly useful on purple threats. I have Gretel, and she’s on the list to level, but I’ve just not found the time yet.

Agwe doesn’t excite me. I think @JonahTheBard has some insight on how he plays.

My Evelyn lived at 3/70 for a long time, and was perfectly serviceable there. She’s sturdier in 4th ascension though, which is super nice. Gad is great for blue titans, since he works like a mini Ares, and you can pot him full. He works fine in PvP too, but he’s not on my first choice team.

I’ve slightly reformed my opinion on Agwe, bit in the main, he remains a second or third option.

His special is actually reasonably punchy. There are few AoE heroes with average speed and he does much better damage than Li, for example. This makes him moderately effective at raiding and farming, although he is very susceptible to riposte.

The main disappointment with Agwe is his secondary effect, which is completely useless. He provides a green defence, which could only be useful when used as a blue tank, but his stats do not make him effective for this. He might be ok in gold tier or below, before people have the bench to stack or dispell, but it would have a very short shelf life.

On offense, there is no use for the green defence buff because you would take him against red tanks. On green heavy teams or map levels, you just wouldn’t take blue or you’d take a better blue if necessary.

I struggled to get a blue mono team, so I levelled him and that’s fine, but his only real use is on an 8-7 rainbow farming team where he can charge quickly and clear a whole wave of weak enemies.


1.) Atlantis wasn’t nice to me with one of the feature 5* but I did get Boril someone I didn’t have. Got dups of Grimm & Danzaburo so I’m up to 3 of each of those now.

2.) Will go with Sir Lancelot after I get Sumitomo to 3:60.

3.) I was doing Agwe up to 3:60 for trails. Since trails are here now all focus goes to Boril.:blush::smirk::blush:

4.) Just missing Colen now from the 4* that aren’t part of special event summons.:slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:


TC20 will probably furnish one eventually

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Updated roster
Teams are not really real just made up to get all my 4* & 5* I have.

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@Sternman now it’s on the right thread
Yes I plan on doing more pulls but I was going for Guardian Jackal & Falcon and maybe Buddy. I obtain Hansel last event also. The only other 5* I have not listed is Margaret. I am running TC20 non-stop hoping to get lucky.


My opinion if the lineup is still accurate.

Finish Boril, tank with him for a long while.
Finish your second Grimm and your Triton. Neither is very effective before being maxed and you will use them in war.

Then start working on Richard. 5* take so long so you may park him at 3-70 if a more powerful blue hero shows up.

With Boril you don’t have an urgent need for another tank, he serves honorably. You can afford to be choosy.

I have found that Richard needs a friend. So, if he hits the same three that Grimm (or Tibbs or Gormek) softened up, he gets the job done. My hangup is that he is average mana (I am a huge fan of fast or very fast) and in spite of the big % damage on his hammer blow, his attack stat is so low that he rarely kills the target unless following a debuffer.
The Paladin talent is perfect for a tank. You never see your defense in action, just the win/loss report.
Richard was my first blue 5* and he got scopes after a long wait. That opened the floodgates to better 5* blue heroes (Aegir got buffed, Athena, Frida) and I was filled with regrets about leveling Richard.
Now, with Athena and Frida, Richard has the perfect collaborators. An Average Mana trio that melts the enemy. Agony if blue is scarce.

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My plan of attack by color

Red - Elena, finish Nashgar (3:23), start 2nd Boldtusk

Blue - Boril, Triton, Richard, Agwe to 3:70 (for trials)

Green - Hansel, Hisan, Muggy, Gadeirus & Skittleskull to 3:70 (for trials), Margaret to 3:70

Yellow - Inari to 3:70, Danzaburo

Purple - Seshat to 3:70 (need 1 more trap tool for final ascension) finish Sabrina, Merlin, Cheshire Cat, Ameonna, Gill-Ra, Jabbar, Gafar

Screenshot_20190719-180244_Empires Screenshot_20190719-170001_Empires Screenshot_20190719-170100_Empires

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Update: On my roster.

Any advice is always welcome & appreciated. Teams of course. SH20 (5 days until 21) farms maxed all 9, 2 TC20, 2 TC11, but its it’s extremely hard to keep up with feeders & food. Guess this is where PATIENCE is a must. I want to pull in this up coming Atlantis for better 5* but not sure if I should pass and wait for Guardian Jackal & Falcon.

Final ascension on Evelyn my first 5* & Inari (only yellow 5* with 15 darts) Go with what you have right.

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Update: what I have done/working on now

Boldtusk 4:70 +14 now

Defense team: Grimm - Inari - Boldtusk - Melendor - Seshat

Evelyn 4:1

Inari - 4:54

Elena - 4:53

Seshat - 4:38

Richard - 2:57

Hansel - 4:67

Merlin - 3:11


I don’t really see, how I or someone else can help you, you reached the point, where you should be able to advice someone, in my opinion, cause your lineup is deep and with a lot of great heroes, just keep it up. You are doing great!!!

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Thanks for your reply I do know some things in the game but at 7 1/2 months I’m sure I still have lots to learn.

Druid emblems who’s the better choice Melendor, Caedmon, or split between both

I split between both currently… both I always use for raid and titan.

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Got Hansel maxed
Gave emblems to Melendor
Should have 4 of my 5 5*'s maxed before the next Atlantis. My blue 5* is Richard (3:32).
I do have 9 scopes to max him but we will see if I am blessed to get Miki during the next event.
Going for Guardian Jackal & Falcon.


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