Which type of 5 star would help me most?

I am F2P and am about to finish HA10. I have 5 duplicate S1 5 stars to trade in and I am seeking advice on if I should level the 5 stars I have or hold out for someone from HA10, and if so, who.

Here is my 5 star lineup

I have enough mats to level 2 of every color except blue. I only have 3 scopes.

Obviously, if I get GM, Kage, Ariel, etc. They will he leveled right away, but who are heroes that would complement my existing lineup that I should hold materials for rather than leveling Quintus, Glenda, Justice, or one of the dupes?

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Just remember that you only need one duplicate for HA10 until you get a new hero because you can always put the new one back in. I’d start by feeding Thorne#2


If you already have 12 mats or more for every material but blue i would think about finishing Justice just for tournaments and now rush wars.
Same for Quintus.

In blue, when you get the scopes, Glenda pairs well with your maxed ice heroes, specially richard (hit to three).

You can feed to HA 10 your duplicate thorne or elena

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Glenda is good…I’d max her if I were you without hesitation. The other you can wait until you have 12 mats before pulling the trigger.

That is kind of what I was thinking, just wasn’t sure if I should pull the trigger on Quintus and Justice. And since I’m short on scopes wasn’t sure about Glenda.

Yes I will definitely start with Thorne. I think Marjana would be one hero I would definitely level immediately as I currently have no red sniper

Glenda is the most useful with what you have. Justice can help too but there are a lot of costumes that could benefit you. Maxing a second of any of those wouldn’t interest me.

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