Which two heroes will be featured for january 2021 in Altantis?

Do I see correctly , that it will be Natalya and Onatel? Or is it Onately and Vela or any other combination?

Thank you for help :slight_smile:

I may be right, I may be wrong,

I think there will be three heroes featured once we enter year 3 of hotms. :slight_smile:

It just a guess…
But based on my friendly spreadsheet (which is actually based on your link empiresandpuzzles.fandom.com).
And that means it should continue… repeat so January 2021 should be Kunchen (a good bye sign because in the left side, although he should be on Tavern portal), and JF.

Natalya is already in left side (a good bye sign) at December 2019, she will not show in Atlantis Portal anymore. But she is available in Tavern Portal.

Spreadsheet Link


Thank you for this spreadsheet :slight_smile:

Carry on here:

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