Which Troops

Which troops should I be concentrating on and should I be bothering with my 3*s Are some better for attackers/healers etc

Stick to leveling 4 star, with a few exceptions crit is better for attack and Mana for defense.

Thanks :jack_o_lantern:

Same question
Wich best from infiltrators and deepwood
I have those 2 4* green. . I Feel the infiltrators are lil bit stronger

Mana for defense and crit for attacking. The only time you would use Mana over crit on attack is if you hit the breakpoint for your hero i:e; level 11 troops makes very fast heroes take 6 tiles to charge down from 6.5 tiles.

This thread has a lot of information on 4 star troops.

Linky link…did it work…should make a geek troop

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I get that crit troops are used for offense but does that still stand true on a 3 star crit troop vs a 4 star mana?

I have a lvl 8 3 star crit troop and a lvl 4 4 star mana holy troop. And I honestly can’t figure out which is better to use.

Think of it like this: mana is not going to do you any good until you get a 4* troop to level 11, but a crit will work for you much quicker.

Try reading those posts we dug out for you.

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