Which to summon? christmas event or upcoming avalon event?


title says it all… where so spent the 2600 gems i have for a 10 x pull?

(don’t tell me it doesent matter since i’ll get 10 x 3 * anyways… :wink: )

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I’m sure you’ll get much more expert opinions. But I would say that so far, Santa and Mother North haven’t received the accolades of Arthur and Guinevere.

The odds of getting a 5 star are higher in the Knights event, I’m waiting for it without hesitation.

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Saving my gems for Avalon as well - would rather spend on them than gift throwing Santa :slight_smile:

I will wait for avalon too… dont like the Christmas heroes at all, but the Avalon heroes are awesome! And I think the odds of getting a 5* are better, but that wouldn’t make a difference for me.

I went for Santa 10x pull. Avalon heroes are better, but my main reasoning was that Santa pull comes once a year and we get three Avalons in the same period.
Got Rudolph and Vivica only, but I’m still happy with it…


Does anyone know when the knights of avalon summons will be here? Is it coming in 6 hours or going through another elemental before it arrives?

It will start on Thursday, 13th December

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Thanks morgoth… got gems for a 10 pull burning a hole in my pocket waiting for avalon is killing me… hoping to spin a guin!

same here, finally attempting 10x pull on Avalon, hope we all get a piece of Guin :slight_smile:

Its a very tough call.

Odds of Christmas heroes are low. If you already have Alby, Id just use tokens to try to get Buddy and then forget about them.

Avalon is good. Merlin is an easy get and worth it alone. Arthur will give you top hits on titans. Guin…well…

I believe Guins days are soon numbered. Im holding most of my pulls till Atlantis just in case.

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I will spend my gems on Avalon. I need 5* yellow hero and i belive its my time to pull Guin.

just did it…

  • no event hero from avalon
    2 4 stars - Grimm and Chao (didn’t have them)
    8 3 stars (mostly duplicates)

aaaand - Evelyn (my first 5 star

so i think i could consider myself lucky although i didn’t got any avalon hero… or what do you think?

It has arrived…No Guin yet, but theres 3 more days


You did just fine my man, Evelyn is a preemo 5* Grimm and Chao were the first guys I fully leveled up when I started playing and I still use them on occasion…Like Avalon :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

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Happy lecture! :wink:

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