Which to ascend?

You’ve received a lot of sound advice. But I haven’t played with such a game changing hero as Telluria until now. And I have Ursena and some other great 5’s.

She’s not maxed, but been using her around 4.50 and is excellent on offense as well. Not in my defense till maxed.

Lianna is great and all. And you may need a sniper, point taken. But Telluria is more versatile. Can flank her on def if need be too. And there is no shortage of snipers.

Since using Telluria on offense, she makes green stacks beefy with so much protection, especially paired with another minion maker. And she’s more interesting than boring ol’ Lianna.

Telly is hands down one of my favorite heroes so far for versatility. But she does slow you you down on challenges/titans.

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Appreciate the input, I will take everything into account and proceed from there.


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