Which to ascend next?

I just got a Damascus, these are rare for me to come by. Normally I would wait for an absolute cracker of a hero, but I’m seriously considering Bertila or Isarnia with costume. Thoughts?

I also was considering Norns since she is a sorcerer and I have 2000+ emblems sitting, but the next HotM is also a sorcerer and maybe a better option.

I need more green/blue/purple heroes ascended.

Other options would be another Lianna with costume, a second alfrike or maybe Grimble.

Here is some of my roster already.

I think a Norns heavily emblemed will serve you well. With Odin, joon, Viv, sif and Gullinbursti you have a great mix of Holy heroes. Plus, you’ll be getting another Damascus blade at the end ot the month.


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Thanks for your input. I think Norns could be useful and having all those sorcerer emblems in the wings is a big plus. Do you think the Next HotM is better than her though?

I have 6 yellow 5* already leveled, 5 red and 4 Green/Blue/Purple, that’s why I was leaning towards Bertila or cIsarnia.

Here is my AM situation

With that it can’t hurt to wait a week for Feb to see the final stats and get some feedback on the new HOTM. You’re roster is stacked but low darts and D Blades would cause me to pause. But with what you have, I wouldn’t regret ascending Norns. Seems I just made you think even more pal…lol.

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You’ve done that for sure! Haha. Thanks, much appreciated. I have some contemplating to do.

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I just got a second Damascus today from AL10. Any more input? Bertila, Isarnia with costume or maybe Norns/Feb HotM for my 2000 sorcerer emblems?

I really like costumed Isarnia. The Mana boost from the costume bonus makes her special charge speed more manageable and thanks to the extra defense percentage down compared to Grimm, she’s a clear upgrade for titans and ice stacks over him. She’s the next best thing to Athena.

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Thanks for your input. I’m thinking she will get one of my blades as I need an upgrade from Grimm in that department.