Which team you would walk away screaming if you get it in raid or war?

Just being curious.

I have at the moment 3200 hp but i’m very hesitating if i see 2/3 healers in combination with 5* heroes, and anything without healers that is more than 3600 hp… :smiley:

1 healer in combination with Wu is difficult for me too. What teams are you skipping immediately?

I don’t have to hear the names of the heroes, but like to hear your hp and teams you go around. Are you the one that doesn’t fear any enemy?

I’m not fond of Vivica, Lianna or Alberich in War. I have slightly better luck in Raid. From time to time. :wink:

Frankly, I’m tired of fighting the “dream” team of Alberich / Hel / Athena / Musashi / Ares so I’ll just skip these nowadays just because it gets very repetitive…If I see Viv or Guin, I’ll probably think twice, but only in wars. Also, I’ll probably look for better options if they have multiple counter attackers (Boril/Ciryan), ugh I hate it when those guys fill up their mana before mine do…

Guin is the only hero I reroll when I see her as tank. Otherwise, I don’t fret over any other hero

Any team stronger than mine is fair game. Usually get better boards. Wiped out a 5* team this morning with an all 4* team in less than a minute and only touched the screen about 3 times

Guin doesn’t even slow me down. I dive right in. But if she starts casting and then Zeline joins in, it’s pretty much over.

Guinevere is obviously pretty rough, so unless there’s just a ton of ham on the table, I usually reroll.

I don’t have a good team of yellow hitters, so I tend to avoid teams with Hel tanking.

If Ares is surrounded by Magni or Vivica or Zeline, he can be even more annoying than normal, but I’ve got some good blues that can handle him if I get a decent board.

Other than that, there’s not too much that scares me away nowadays. I’ve got a strong bench and can stack a strong team against most tanks.


I can take him. Of course I can. I know how to as well. Of course I do. And I’ve beaten him more than once, sure I have, plenty of times.

But I don’t want to. With me anything that dies, stays dead.

I once had an Albi raid that backfired terribly. My two hard hitters got smacked before I could get their specials up, so Albi didn’t die early. In fact, he ended up last man standing - yeah I know, that’s bad. Guess what happened when he revived… :joy:


I only reroll purple tanks, only in raids, in wars I will do them though. I don’t really like raiding with Wu (maybe because I had no choice for a long time) and I don’t have a lot of choice in doubling on yellow. But I just trained Joon :slight_smile: , so I guess I will raid anybody once I get him leveled. Guin gives me most trouble, but I will still try :wink: .

Alberich - ares - guin - zeline - rigard(or vivics)

Alby goes on my “You die first list,” along with Hel, Vivica, Guin, and Sartana. I don’t avoid teams with 1 or 2 of those, but 3 or more I refill unless there’s a ton of ham.

I pretty much only raid with my rainbow A team because I know very well what it can handle. No Alby in the center, no Ares anywhere, no more than 2 healers unless one is in the center, and no more than 250 difference in power. I do tend to avoid teams with Little John, Azlar, and Colen as well. This has served me well so far.

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