Which team - Offense & Titan

Still working on how Tarlak and Alberich will work out.

When only taking offense and titan but not defense into consideration, which team will you pick?

First off on titans it depends on the color. You want to at minimum double the strong and remove the weak color. Also it kinda depends what level Titan your facing is your on 10+ more durable hero’s might be needed.

Secondly isarnia is vastly better on titans rather than attack becuase you charge her up immediately on titans and her def debuff lasts a very long time. Whereas her slow cast makes her less useful on attack teams.

Let’s say ur fighting a red 11* Titan use a an atk buffer (tarlak) he’s also your backup healer, a def debuffer (insarnia), use (ares)as well more heals crit and atk, place alasie here(another blue fast atk that gets blown up by ares/tarlak atk buff) and joon on the end. Normally you wouldn’t use green vs a red Titan but tarlak ignores that rule becuase he adds significantly more atk Damage then his personal atk Is reduced. Use tornados or mana potions to keep the atk boost going. Have a revive scroll around or use turtle banners to keep ur guys alive And cure pots if needed. Tarlak/insarnia/ares/alasie/joon Enjoy your 50k+ hits vs those red titans!!!

Outside of titans and just atk teams I’d probably switch tarlak for alberitch.


Thanks for the input. Basically what I want to know is whether Tarlak or Alberich gives a better overall performance when team up with the heroes I have, in terms of offense or titan without taking defense into consideration.

Alberitch isn’t going to best tarlak in the amount of sheer damage on titans. Plus there is always revive scrolls. On atk teams I’d lean toward alberitch with the team mentioned above.

Don’t except too much from Tarlak, I have him at 3/70 and still rather use Wu for higher and longer attack boost.

Ya but with the hero’s hes asking ares and tarlak are better then wu (especially considering miss chance) and duration doesn’t really matter as much when you have consumables. Furthermore wu has problems staying alive on higher titans.

More likely I will go with Tarlak with the following team as my base team for both offense and titan, as I dont seem to have the resourcea to max more than one hero of the same color.
This team looks more balanced.to.me. I will use it as the base and swap in and out some 4* heroes depending on situations.

That’s a good base and good setup if all u can do is 1 of each color. If u can get alby ascended use him in defense teams.
And for titans switch in a maxed Grimm/tibertus/gormek when you can.

Thanks for your advice.