Which team is better?

Please advise which defense team below is better for war and raid? Thanks

Team 1: Alberich, Magni, Hel, Drake, Marjana

Team 2: Marjana, Hel, Drake, Kingston, (Alice, C-lianna or Lianna)

Team 3: Marjana, Zeline, (Richard or Skadi), Drake, Sartana

Team 4: Marjana, Hel, (Richard or Skadi), Drake, Kingston

Team 5: Marjana, Hel, C-Kadilen, Drake, Alice

Maybe: Alby - Sartana - Drake - Alice - Marjana

You prefer Sartana than Hel.

Thank you for your advice.

I do not have Hel, but IMO, I scare much more Sartana than Hel on defense, but I hear Hel is very powerful hero on ofense, I use Proteus.
But, if you plan to put emblems on Hel, I would put Hel in defense instead Sartana.

Question. Should I take Boldtusk emblems and give them to Tyr???

I normally don’t recommend that because Boldtusk is always relevant. Plus emblems are best for defensive heroes and Tyr is an offense dynamo. Put the rest that come in on Tyr.

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No, for me, I still use Boldtusk+15, and I do not want to strip my emblemed BT to any my other fighters (Delilah, Magni, Poseidon, Panther, Kingston, Killhare). At least for now.
I do not have Tyr, and I think he is just OK in defense.

I am not decide yet. I have put emblems on drake only.

Hel & Sartana both are wizard (same emblem), that’s why I asked.

Out of the ones listed above, I like team 2 the most (with Alice).

Personally, I would try Kingston, Skadi, Drake, Hel, Marjana.

NVM – Skadi is out of the question, since she’s a monk and you put emblems on Drake already. So yeah I’d go with team 2.

Yes, Skadi should be out.

Thanks DaveCozy

i Iike this team better, because of c-Kadilen at tank position. Her torns (from dodged specials) would act like a heal, since you are not bringing one.

Team 4 comes at second. Richard is worse than Kadilen imo, but that frees the green spot for Kingston.

I am testing team 5 in raid now. Want to see whether got some wins during revenge by opponents.

Most important thing is first deciding who will be your tank. Drake, C.Kadilen and Richard could be candidates.

Your heroes:

  • Red: Marjana
  • Blue: Richard, Skadi, Magni, Alice,
  • Green: Alby, Zeline, C.Kadilen, Kingston, C.Lianna
  • Yellow: Drake
  • Purple: Hel, Sartana

You only have Marjana for red and Drake for yellow so those 2 are going on the defense. Between Hel and Sartana, Sartana is preferable for defense team imo. Hel does well offensively but for a flank or wing on defense, I’d rather go with Sartana.

That leaves blue and green. For blue, I would only use Richard as a tank. Skadi’s monk class overlaps with Drake so she’s out. Magni and Alice are both good flank/wings but Alice’s rogue class overlaps with Marjana. That leaves Magni.

For green, Kingston’s fighter class overlaps with Magni. Alby, Zeline, Lianna+CB and C.Kadilen are all viable choices for defense.

If you want a green tank: Sartana - Drake - C.Kadlien - Magni - Marjana
If you want a yellow tank: Sartana - Lianna+CB - Drake - Magni - Marjana (or other order as long as Drake is center tank)
Alternatively, you can switch out Lianna+CB for Alby in left wing: Alby - Magni - Drake - Sartana - Marjana

My personal preference would be the first choice with C.Kadilen tank.

Another option would be to ignore the class emblem conflicts. E.g use both Marjana and Alice but have one (or both) unemblemed until you get a new red hero that is good for defense (and then switch out Marjana). Same thing with Kingston who is also a good defense hero.

You have a lot of options with different combinations. Try out a few and see which one works the best for you.

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Thank you B1gHeadAss for detail analysis and explanation.

For team : Sartana - Drake - C.Kadlien - Magni - Marjana with 7 nods of emblems for each hero. What is the estimate trophies can get in raid?

Where your trophies stand largely depends on your offense. If you raid to 2500+ cups, I would predict this team should be able to hold diamond overnight most of the time.


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