Which Team advice



Im Playing for 3 months i gut some 4* and 5* heroes. But toll nie i dont have not enough to ascend each one. I Focus on Titan fights and Raids. Now im working on Kiril. The right Choice? Which Team the best…



Feeding same color feeders is more xp effecient and could speed up your progress on the long run. If you decide so, then you would choose one per color you level. A possible good setup is: Kiril, Tiburtus, Gormek, Peters, Vivica.

If want to focus on one hero at a time, then Kiril is a good start, versatile and useful both in raids, titan, defence and war. Gormek or Tiburtus are good candidates for the next.


Thank u for ur answear. I got Tibirtus already on 3/60 Search for Mats to arrive Level 4. Especialy on green Peters is my best Choice. Gormek Better to ascend than Elena because she has 5* ?Gormek is the same type player like tibirtus i think. So maybe Elena or colen would be fix the Team variabilty more than gormek when Tibirtus Playa in the Team?

Vivica Tibirtus Kiril Peters (Gormek/Colen/Elena)


5*s are often squishy before final ascension. If you don’t have all mats for Elena, then a 4/60 Gormek might be more useful than a 4/60 Elena. Gormek hp is excellent, survives long in titan battles and faster mana than Elena. But different people have different opinions on the same heroes and Elena is also good, with nice tile damage.

To the time you have mats for Elenas final ascension, you might have the lower level mats again.

Agree that Peters is your best green.


Let me echo the advice to do matched-color training. You need to build your team out on several fronts, and there is a 20% bonus for using matched-color feeders.

I also strongly urge focused training. Choose one hero of each color, and train that one exclusively until you’re done or hit an ascension wall. I also generally don’t train a 5* at all until I’m pretty close to having all the mats needed to train it all the way to 4/80. Healers are an exception, though, as their special’s effectiveness doesn’t depend on the hero’s stats.

Specifics, largely echoing @SilverDragonR:

  • Purple: Work on Sabina until you get the mats for Tibertus. Ascend Tibs, complete him to 4/70, then complete Sabina. Khiona will be great addition eventually, but don’t start her until one of these happens: (a) you finish Sabina or (b) you have 5 tabards and 6 trap tools, plus a fine glove, compass, Damascus blade and Tome of Tactics.

  • Yellow: With Vivica at a wall, you’re really stuck for yellow projects. Work on Hu Tao but give the first set of orbs to Vivica. Try to get more yellow heroes.

  • Blue: You have two superb blue 4*, Kiril and Grimm. You’ve started Kiril, and you won’t regret completing him. Work on Grimm next.

  • Green: Peters is the clear choice.

  • Red: All of your red 4* are solid choices. I’d probably go with Gormek as he will make the biggest difference on green and purple titans.

Keep your 3* heroes for Alliance Wars – they’re really not worth much as feeders, but you’ll want 30 heroes to help your alliance as much as possible.

Good luck, and enjoy!


Thank u for ur suggestions. I will work on Kiril Gormek and Peters