Which tank would you use?


just got my hands on a couple of heroes that i could use as a tank (im a C2P player).
atm i was using Sonya (because i didn’t have anything else, apart from an unleveled Rigard)
but i’ve just rolled a couple of heroes such as Kiril, Boldtusk etc. and i wanted to know which one of the heroes mentionned below you would choose as your primary tank for your defense team in Raids & Tournaments.

Proteus ?
Grimm ?
Tiburtus ?
i don’t think Sonya/chaos have their space here but as they are quite resistant i suppose i could add them.

these are all the 4* heroes i have and i suppose they could all tank well.
which combo would you choose as your defense team ? (my rigard & boldtusk are almost 70, all others i need to level, just got them)

thanks for your help !

I would use (and my junior uses) Boldtusk as a tank.

Rigard, Grimm, Boldtusk, Tibrutus, Sonya might be good combo. There are cleanser, debuffer, pulverizers and healers. Nothing to look down about.


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Boldtusk as the tank for the time being


Boldtusk is the most durable of all of those, though Kiril is pretty good too. I guess it comes down to whether you prefer a more offense/attack-oriented mindset, or a defense-oriented approach.

Boldtusk will buff damage, making your other heroes hit harder. Kiril will buff damage but to a lesser degree, but he improves the defense of all your heroes, so they will be a little harder to kill.

Last but not least… Boldtusk is a Fighter, so if you max him at 4-70 and give him some Fighter emblems, he’ll have a Revive chance. And from my experiencing fighting Boldtusk tanks, if he dies with full mana, if the Revive should happen, he immediately heals himself and his whole team, which is a huge pain. Kiril’s talents as a Wizard don’t have as much of an impact.

Winner: Boldtusk. :slight_smile:


I’d use boldtusk but Sonya isn’t bad. She has a very high defense and fast mana.


In terms of just tank then Sonya, Boldtusk, or Kiril. Proteus imho is too squishy to be tank. I put him in the far left. On my main account I have Grimm at tank only because I have him emblemed and I lack any good tanks at max. My alt I can alternate between Boldtusk, Tiburtus, and Jabbar as my tanks. Sonya is a relatively good tank as her special is fast and it dispels buffs from enemies. Although the sturdiest out of all the ones you have is Boldtusk.

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Use sonya, give her some emblems, as she is paladin, it gives her even more defense, what is already inaf to keep you in platinum. Boldtusk is OK, but I don’t have problems with him, actually when I raid, I look for red centers, and with kiril, grimm and sonya, there is no problem to find 6 tiles to kill him, in the other hand if you face against sonya, she is fast and hit you, what can become problem, when the board is not good from the beginning

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Boldtusk is the best choice to me

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thank you very much guys.
i’m surprised that nobody mentionned rigard.


Tanks that only heal become easier and easier to beat as the game goes on. So Rigard becomes a weaker and weaker tank. Boldtusk and Kiril do not quite fit this category, because they add some buffs that make even slash attacks a bit more formidable. Note also that someone like Delilah is an exception, because she stacks on minions, boosting hit points and attack.


Boldtusk for general tanking purposes. I like Kiril for buff booster tournaments though.

Sonya isn’t a good tank. She may be durable but that’s about it, she doesn’t deal a lot of damage with her skill. It’s easy to soak up her hit, heal back up and take her out.

She may be better in Buff Booster tournaments if she has emblems though, where the paladin defense boost will also buff her attack.

Boldtusk tank effectiveness depends on how good his teammates are. He needs strong offensive support behind him so his attack boost makes a difference in taking out the attacker quickly.

He gets more annoying the more emblems he has too. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve let loose those 6 blue tiles, and then he revives next turn, patches his whole team up, and gives that attack boost to the rest of his team, only to get sniped the same turn by Joon or Lianna.


For raid defense I used Boldtusk right up to high Platinum as my tank He works well there. Once I had a decent 5* I switched him to wing and kept using him to Diamond.

For tournaments your tank will change every time because of changing tournament rules.

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While I think Boldtusk is the better choice, especially because of the fighter talent, Rigard would have been high on my list of runners-up, given your options right now. Kiril would also be a defensible choice.

That’s true, but given where OP seems to be right now, I think Rigard would work OK. I remember how annoying he was at that particular point in the game. Many attackers in OP’s range are probably running mainly 4-star attackers, and the 4-star yellow crew is pretty underwhelming, so stacking against Rigard can be problematic. Since both Boldtusk and Rigard are must-max anyway, OP can try both and see how they work.

I use Sonya (+11) pretty extensively, and I agree with this. Her skill isn’t devastating, by any means. She can take a beating, but her skill is better used as a follow-up to a def-down hero like Grimm or to dispell a riposter by aiming at the opposite side. A good tank has to punish the attacker for not taking them out quickly, and Sonya doesn’t really do that.


OK, than I have I question, which tank than I should use? In war I use sonya, and its not like they kill me all the time with one shots. I also have boldtusk, kiril, grimm, elkanen at 3:70 (not going to level him soon, cause I just got liana). Actually I started to put proteus as center for raids with wu and Chao as flanks, but that was just for fun, so I have easy revenges, but he did surprisingly well. I easily stayed at platinum.

In wars the tank effectiveness varies more, because the opponents can’t just choose whoever they like and hammer your team, they need to be smart about their hero management. If your current team works, then it works :slight_smile: Leave as is until you get something that is clearly better.

Personally though, I think Kiril tanks are better in wars. I find his attack boost isn’t really something that I can ignore, and his team gets considerable bulk too with the defense boost. It’s like Boldtusk though, his flanks need to have the firepower to take advantage of his buff, otherwise the team isn’t much of a threat. Sonya is probably a better choice in that case since all the damage you can deal would help more.

I wouldn’t use Elkanen as a tank even if maxed lol. He’s a more threatening wing and mainly just for wars, where the attack up or healing field aid can back him up and make him tougher to take out.

About elkanen, I belive, if you give him emblems and work on att/health, he may become I decent tank as well, but like I said I am not considering him, just another option. I actually leveling drake and when he is done it will be his position. But at the moment in wars I usually run team melendor, kelile, sonya, Chao, sabina. It gives me fast snipers in front and even when you deal with them you still have to beat healers in corners, I know they actually are not hard to kill, I just don’t have anything better at the moment. Maybe I really have to put kiril in center, but then there will be too many healers?

You’d probably have to replace either Melendor or Sabina (or both) if you run Kiril tank, I agree that would be too healer heavy.

OK, will try caedomon in melendor place, hope will be good :ok_hand::blush:

I’m really new here so forgive my ignorance. A “tank” is a hero that essentially just renews her/himself and their fellow teammates, right?

Hello, and welcome to the forum community.

A “tank” is position defense in center.
Left Wing - Left Flank - Tank (center) - Right Flank - Right Wing

So if you see position in order from left to right like this:
Belith - Nashgar - Gunnar - Baltazar - Bane
Thats mean, Gunnar is a “tank”.


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