Which Tank: Telluria or Aegir?

So, I got lucky today and got Telluria on my first 10-pull. Now I ask myself if she should take Aegirs position in my defense and his emblems, once she is leveled.

This is my current defense team:

My roster:

I think she looks like a better tank than Aegir. But blue is our war tank, so thats one reason not to strip away Aegirs emblems. Also: I think Magni would do best as a blue hero if i put Telluria in tank position, but currently panther gets the fighter emblems…

If you are running blue tank in alliance wars then your paladin’s emblems seems that would be forced to stay on Aegir… she is however a better tank.

Aegir is proven tank, telluria… hmmm must wait for the consensus after couple weeks

I doubt Telluria will improve your standing too much over Aegir. If your going to keep blue war tanks, the it’s best to keep Aegir as is provided you don’t have another blue option to be effective.

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