Which talent gird way is better?

Hi guys
I use emblems for Malosi and Wilbur
First I just choose path that contain shield and attack and ignore heal, I think it is better, so if I make mistake please let me know.
Another thing Malosi at 10 level of emblem has two path first heal bonus another is attack bonus, I want to know is there any difference between simple attack with attack bonus? As far as I know both increase attack power, and I want to know which path is better? I use mana bouns troop at level 13 for Malosi

You should decide the path based on the hero. Malosi is an offensive hero so go for the attack bonuses. Wilbur is a defensive hero who does not deal dmg directly so his attack stat is not that important, keeping him alive is more so, so go for the shields and health bonuses.

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Yea I agree but I see all shield and attack in one side so if I increase attack the defence will increase too

No, they vary from node to node, you just have to look that un overall you are getting more of the ones you want. Of course, you will hit some non preferred ones, but that’s unavoidable

My rule of thumb, which has some exceptions:

  • If the skill does any direct damage then add damage path and let your tank protect.
  • If the skill does 0 direct damage, then go health and defense all the way!
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Good point, thanks for your answer

I boost def, then attack, then health. Reason is the higher the defense the less tile damage they do and all heroes can survive a little longer regardless of thier roles. Skilled attacks already do between 240%-480% based on the majority of the heroes. On defense you get another additional 20% boost per the game system. If you have any buff heroes who boost defense it takes a lot of damage to finish you off.

Thats my perspective

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Oh I want to include, healer roles get def and health. Attack is low priority…

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