Which summon?

I’ve already read that I should do an elemental summon over an epic hero summon, but does the seasonal summon present any real benefit over an elemental?

I have a few epic hero tokens and about 3000 gems saved up- I want to keep my spending minimal, so I want to make the best use of the free stuff I’ve saved up (even though it will probably come to nothing). Saying that, there’s a part of me that thinks passing on this seasonal event for pulls might also be a good option for me. Any advice?

The best Epic Token usage is to chase seasonal heroes and HOTMs, now is the time to use them.

Your gems are for event summons, you could only get event heroes by summoning them with gems or by taking the 1st spot (unlikely to happen) and 2/5 event heroes wouldn’t still be earned this way.

Your atlantis coins only have one use: they are for atlantis summons. Gems are a safe investment here, you’ll get ascension materials every 10 pulls.

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