Which summon is most efficient for leveling heroes

Good morning folks,

just one question that popped into my mind this morning. As long as you’re not looking for fresh 4*/5* material, which summon is more efficient for leveling your existing heroes? Cheap one (1300/10pulls) or more expensive one (2600/10pulls), forgot their respecive names sorry :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers!

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Don’t quite understand the question - pulls don’t give you materials?

And I’d never recommend spending gems on daily summons

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It’s not about ascension material but about feeders - which pulls give more hero EXP per gem, basically. If you advice against daily summons the question has been answered, thanks for that!

Hard data, anyone?

Here you go:

Hero XP (hxp) for the different feeders:

5* 1440
4* 1080
3* 756
2* 468
1* 180

Assuming you’re willing to feed away the HOTM, and that you do samehcolor feeding to maximize hxp:

Daily summon: avg 229 hxp/pull, 1.76/gem
Color summon: avg 878hxp/pull, 3.38/gem
Seasonal summon: avg 871hxp/pull, 3.35/gem
Atlantis summon: avg 878hxp/pull, 2.93/gem

@JonahTheBard he’s considering heroes as “feeder material” here. So each summon generates hxp with which to speed level your existing bench


That’s awesome! Thanks @Garanwyn. Exactly what I was looking for. So even if I would get an “unwanted” 4* or 5* on color summon leveling up should be much more efficient if you only feed 3*s.

Thanks again.


You have to be a little cautious, because feeding 3*/4*/5* will cause you to risk not finishing the special by max level on a 4*. The hxp goes up way faster than the special increase % does.


That’s a good advice, thanks

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I think the better use of gems if you’re after feeders is to buy the Trainer Pack that’s occasionally offered in the regular Shop.


That or by purchasing World Energy refills for 100 gems and using the feeders you get as fodder, and the recruits you get as potential feeders.

That way is much cheaper, more efficient, and you’ll get exp and other goodies from farming.

Personally, I’d save the gems for Atlantis, seasonal, or event summons. That’s just me though


Sounds like a rich man’s question.
Why in the world you want to buy feeders when it can be obtained through the map and training?
Just play the map enough and train through the camps should give you the feeders required.

However, to answer your question, 2600 gem pull is better since the minimum hero summoned is a 3*. The exp from a 3* obtained would be 4-5 times more than a 1* so double the cost of 1300 gems to get much better feeders with a chance to obtain 4* or 5* heroes.

Hope the above answers your question. :slight_smile:


Rich man waiting for TC19, getting impatient sometimes that is. Nothing bad about C2P.

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If rich man is really impatient regarding tc19. Just gem your way up since tc19 is a fixed building that can be used for all heroes until you run out of rugged clothes. :wink:

It turns out that this is much more efficient, if you’re willing to spend the time to farm.

0.2 Heroes/Flag (best available)
50/50 mix of 1* and 2*, for an average of 324/hero
Which gives 64.8 hxp/flag

Even at the base value of 15 WE, this yields: 9.72 hxp/gem, so it’s about 3x as efficient

It also has the knock-on effect of getting ascension material drops, which will be necessary before long (and increases the efficiency, because one can use those backpacks and swords to generate extra feeder heroes).

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I’ll add that none of this is particularly cheap. Levelling a 4* hero costs 167,592 hxp.

At 9.72 hxp/gem, this is 17,242 gems needed. At a penny a gem, that’s $172 to level a 4* (assuming you have ascension mats).

5* heroes require 353,599 hxp. So that’s 36,379 gems, or $364.


Wow thanks for your calculations…so basically, spend the money on 4*/5* if you need them and don’t have TC20, otherwise build TC19 as fast as possible and continue farming, if unpatient spending WE flasks…

Your comments will make a huge difference to my leveling approach, thanks again!


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