Which should I finish off 1st?

This might be another easy question but which should I finish off 1st: max out Kage 3/70, Quintus 3/70 plus his Costume 3/70, or a 2nd Seshat I just got with this Tavern??

Kage is my suggestion.

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I will go with Kage first.

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3rd vote for Kage

20 agreements

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In my honest opinion, it should be Kageburado - 100%.
Whichever hero you choose, good luck

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Another vote for Kageburado here.
Good luck! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Kage…and lock the thread! LOL

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I’d say Kage hands down, he’s one of the only heroes I maxed two of, and this is why. Hits crazy hard (everyone knows), but one of his his best skills is how he dispels buffs BEFORE any damage is done. Can’t count how many times this has been clutch offensively.
Also, to utilize him properly make sure you have a level 11 4*mana troop paired with him. 6 tiles he fires, three down the pipe and he’s off! Cheers for landing him, enjoy!


Kage for sure. Very fast hero that dispels buffs before he hits is quite amazing!

true, this is an easy question and eager to provide input, only I just had Quintus 3/30, while from the tavern event I got Gormek.

Pada tanggal Sab, 21 Nov 2020 07.01, William Wilson via Empires & Puzzles Community Forum <smallgiantgames@discoursemail.com> menulis:

Easy answer Kage…

I’d go with Kage , however , Quintus is now valuable for Rush Wars. Who do you see yourself using more ?

I’d suggest you max Quintus.

Just kidding. Don’t take the hint seriously. Really. Another vote for Kage. Seshat is awesome and she pushed my Kage from my main attack team, but Kage is faster and can soften enemies quickly, plus you have one Seshat maxed already. So Kage.

Kageburado, nuff said.

That’s what I thought!! Lol Like I said, easy question… I’ve had Seshat since she 1st came out & she’s been in my DTeam +20 ever since… I use Kage 3/70 in Wars… I’ve skipped over maxing him out for other Dark heroes since I was giving all my Barbarian Emblems to GM so at the time he stayed on the bench… But now that GM is +20 I’m focusing on other Barbarians… Then I got my 2nd Seshat I figured I’d ask the obvious question!! :joy:

This Legends has been pretty good to me, on tokens this time, no 10–pulls… Like I said, I got that 2nd Seshat, plus Ranvir, & a 2nd Glenda… So I didn’t push my luck with 10-pills & saved them for Valhalla & trying for Odin… Even though I REALLY wanted to try for Hel!! :cry:image

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