Which Second Rate Legendary to advance

Just got enough ascension mats to advance a green and blue but the choice is kind of meh. My fully ascended green and blue are Ariel, King Arthur, Magi, Lianna and Evelyn. For blue I can advance Frida or Inari and for green Morgan LeFay, Lady Locke or Elkanen. None of these are top tier, so do I advance any of these or wait to get a better hero. Any advice would be appreciated

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Inari is yellow

Frida is far from a meh choice and definitely a top tier hero and should be maxed if lacking other blue options. Not a first choice only because you have arthur maxed but if she doesn’t have a ton of competition for the scopes then I’d max her. The hit 3 dispel is super useful as well as the droppin blue D of 3 instead of 1

For green, Lady locke or wait for telluria next month

(Lady locke i use constantly and being the only green cleanser, top tier in my book. That DoT once figured out how to make the most of it and time it well is also super useful)


thanks, you are right Lady Locke seems like the best Green of the lot. Inari was a typo, I meant Isnarnia Frida is kind of like Arthur so was double minded about advancing her

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I’ve never used isarnia

Her biggest drawback is slow mana

If you’re comfortable using Wilbur on titans for the defense down, I’d probly ignore isarnia for now but that’s just me and probly easy for me to say since i put her off for a long time and ended up pulling athena and more recently finley so I’ll never have a need for her best use

Me? I’d go frida and use wilbur on red titans.

Right or wrong? Idk and opinions vary which is what this game is largely made of as far as these situations

Perks to every hero, opinions about every hero, worst case take isarnia and frida to 3/70, try using each in raids/wars and see what ya think


In my honest opinion, I would focus on Frida and Lady Locke.
Good luck


I think Frida is top tier, though perhaps not for you since you have Arthur. But she still has immense value, especially when paired with another A3E hero. I’m assuming you have a deeply emblemed Grimm - he’ll do even if you don’t have Richard or Thorne (yes, it even works with Thorne).

Similarly, although Elkanen is underwhelming, I think the presence of Evelyn on your roster bumps him up towards (but not to) the top tier. Same mana speed, hit the same three opponents. I think he could be valuable for you. To give you some idea, I often use a 3.70 Kadilen with an Evelyn +5 in my was attacks and they are effective (though the damage is shy of just magically creating three instant kills).

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I actually really like Isarnia myself – her slow mana is a drawback but her hit to all enemies is pretty devastating, both in effect and strength. Having Athena or Finley does make her less desirable, but if lacking either of them, she’s a great hero for war team-building.

For titans I’d go with Isarnia, since she can stack with Arthur.

For generally everything else, I agree that Frida is the better choice.

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