Which second 5* S1 hero is worth ascending?

Hi, there are hundreds of 1* and 2* heroes in my TCs but I have almost no hero to feed them to. I have maxed and ascended 19 5* heroes and a six other 5* heroes are waiting for ascension materials; and even one copy of every 3* and 4* heroes I have is fully ascended. I think the best solution will be to ascend a second copy of some of 5* heroes (I have duplicates of S1 heroes only). Duplicates of which heroes are worth of ascending and why (i.e. what they will be good for)? Thanks.

Note: I ascended a copy of only one hero: she is, surprisingly, 3* Brienne. I use them, one copy with her costume, against blue titans, with amazing results.

If you are waiting on ascention material I wouldn’t start more 5* heroes only for them to get stuck also. I would work on duplicate 4*s. Such as rigard or boldtusk especially any that you have costumes for.


Probably one of the snipers, joon, marjana, sartana, lianne - i still see them used a lot in war defenses still


I am a f2p and I maxed the following dupes: Marjana, Joon, and Lianna.


As a c2p with mostly s1 heroes in my roster I maxed 2 Isarnia, 2 Leanna, 2 Joon and 2 Domitia for alliance wars. Not to mention 3 Rigards, 3 Boldtusks, 2 Grimm, 2 Sonya and 2 Kirills. :slight_smile:


Are all those Season 1 heroes? There are 20x 5* Season 1 heroes available, it can be wait from TC20 and or HA10.
With VF war rule, it is better to also levelup the slow before leveling the dup, IMO.

But I agree,… and as mentionen by others… sniper are great choice.
And also maybe it depend on costume, if we have it.


Agree with @jinbatsu and @bub102x
Dupes of the best 4* are extremely helpful and much less costly in materials. In many wars I often use multiple 4* and have several 5* that don’t make the field (40 5* currently maxed). Even with the outrageous new heroes, the best 4* are still often the solution because they do something you need to have done. Four maxed Proteus, C-Rigard and G Jackal too. Two Proteus and Jackals are maxed emblems (maxed in Rogue and Ranger is +19 for me, Wizard is +20).
You can see Kiril-C on the teams at the top of many event leader boards and elite players use him in war teams (videos are plentiful).

Your choice of which 5* S1 dupes are worth maxing is a can of worms.
We don’t know which heroes you have maxed, we don’t know your preferred play style, we don’t know if you focus on titans, raids, tournaments, events and the answer we would give depends on that information.

Emblems matter, can you give any of the dupes emblems? Would the dupe be paired with strong partners that synergize well?

If you like the 3* tournaments, bring up multiples of the best 3*… I may be a bit over the top but it appears there are 67 of the little critters maxed in my roster. I love 'em.


Yep. And Magni. And maybe Domitia. I have Magni at 3/70. Two of them at that level. Even if I have enough ascension mats to max at least 3 legendaries of each element. Back in 2018, I covetted him so much. But he came in late. I thought I was going to ascend him, but found no significant importance to my teams. Maybe if I get his costume. Maybe.

I have 2 Liannas maxed and lightly emblemed both at +7. They have costumes maxed though. I also thought I was going to max a second Joon with costume. Decided to leave the 2nd copy, both original and costume version, at 3/70.

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That resonates, Magni was the one hero I wanted most. Came VERY late (sans costume so far) and sits forlornly at 3-70 for now


I dont have any dupe 5*s ascended, not even HOTMs or S2s (i dont have S3, S4 and event dupes) and the only S1s i see myself maxing dupes of are the ones whose costume i have (Lianna, Azlar, Richard) and can use some emblems on (so that leaves only Lianna). I dont really see the point of wasting scarce AMs on regular S1 dupes. They are basically 4,5 *s in the current meta.


Thank you all for your opinions! My fully ascended (and majority of them emblemed to some extent) 5* are:

  • yellow: Joon#, Justice#, Malosi, Vivica#,
  • purple: Hel, Seshat, Guardian Panther, Victor,
  • red: Elena#, Marjana#, Zimkitha, Azlar#,
  • green: Mother North, Lianna#, Horghall#, Gregorion,
  • blue: Isarnia#, Richard#, Magni#, Thorne# (well, together twenty).

Before the final ascension there are: Norns (I have materials for yellow, but I don’t want to give them to Norns), Khagan# (the only 5* hero I have a costume for!), Quintus#, Elkanen#, Domitia#, Sartana#, Kadilen#, Obakan. I denoted heroes I have copies of with ‘#’. My HA10 is running constantly.

I can give emblems just to rougues and sorcerers (is it the reason to ascend Norns?).
As regards my 4* heroes, many of them have costumes (BT, Caedmon, Kirill, Sonya, Rigard…), some of them not (I seriously miss it for Melendor).

As regards 3*, I have 50 of them fully ascended and most of them are given 7 emblems.

I like tournaments (even those 3*, teams: usually 3 heroes matching tank’s color) most; raids (team: always mono) and events much; alliance wars and titans (team: usualy 4x mono + Wu) to a lesser extent.

I take seriously your advice to dupe the best 4*, however, are they worth it? A 5* before the final ascension is a bit stronger than maxed 4*… You can give emblems to a 4* and I have many emblems for sorcerers and rougues. Are Sabina, Skittleskull, Scarlett or Kelile worth their second copy?

Second Lianna etc. would be good, but in wars, I lack yellow heroes, and besides, there is only one yellow healer (even among non-S1 5*, I guess), so I am thinking about ascending the second Vivica… (Lianna can come after her. :slight_smile: )

Your opinions, please?

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For me the answer is “Yes”. There are people that have the opposite opinion and feel strongly about it.

My reasons:

  1. Best 4* are excellent,
    a) costumed S1 can be robust
    b) emblems can fix a lot of problems (are needed for consistently challenging in 5* arenas)
  2. Some 4* specials are needed and I do not have a 5* with that special (Jackal, Falcon, Wilbur, Wu) either because I am missing it or it does not exist (yet).
  3. Lack of 4* Ascension mats, have many 5* already so am saving mats for a new hero that makes a major impact on my team.

I find that using the right 4* in a team will earn the win against even the stoutest 5* defenses. The key is that the synergies work between the various specials. When I brought Ametrine to +20 I raided with her for a few weeks in a 3-2 team and a 2-2-1 team. No problem, she wasn’t at fault for my losses and is better than many (most?) 5*.

I am going to refrain from advising on your 5*, Sartana is the only one I have maxed but she mostly rides the bench with no costume and no emblems, I have other priorities for Wizard emblems (even though she was my very first 5*). I find 2x Proteus +20 adds more value to me than Sartana +9 (or so) and I have other options for sniping…Then again, I am a devotee of mana control and love riposte heroes.

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Prof. Lidenbrock and Delilah are waving at you.


And tbh let’s count GulliPig as an honorary 5*.


And also a fast healer Ladywoolerton (great pair with Poseidon)… I have 3x copy of them, one maxed, but would plan to ascend the 2nd, and Gullin (3x maxed, and would ascend more if I can get), almost never use Vivica and Delilah in war/raid. But both still very valuable for Ninja Tower, etc…
But if we get the costume Vivica, a dup of her are great choice.

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Man. My Viv obtained as my 2nd 5* hero in 2018 (first was Richard) is still at 3/70 up to now (she and Richard are sadly being overtaken in the final ascension department by other better heroes). I so badly want Viv’s costume since I don’t have a holy defense down hero. Unfortunately, SG won’t give me her extra wardrobe. But if they became suddenly more giving. I’d ascend 2 copies of her and their costume. They’d serve me well in my 2 monoyellow teams

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Here’s what I’ve done with my S1 5-stars:

I’ve have all the S1 5-stars with dupes of everyone except Azlar and Elkanen (just got my first Elk from HA10 after 2.5+yrs of playing).

You can see I’ve only maxed nine unique S1 5-stars. All the others sit at 3-70 (Elk on his way there). Joon is the only one I maxed a duplicate for, and that was before I pulled his costume. I’ve got Costumes for Quint, Dom, Horg, and Khagan… and haven’t pulled the trigger on any of them yet despite having the Mats. The only thing there that changes in a heartbeat would be Leonidas if I pulled his costume; that’s a no-brainer.

You can also see what duplicates I’ve taken up to 3-70, thinking that someday they might be worthy. On that list only 2nd C.Marjana is temping. C.Marj#1 is fantastic. The duplicate 3-70’s are useful for earlier stages of Ninja Tower (ugh) where I don’t care as much if they get cursed early.

Anyway, that’s what I’ve done. YMMV.

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Do not forget Gazelle…

A true healer is one that recovers health for all allies. A semi healer is one one that heals the hero and nearby. Gazelle does neither. She only provides heal overtime to herself.

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Absolutely true… but i did win many raids and war attacks before Lady Woolerton joined my bench… Thanks to Gazelle…

But u are right… brainfart here sorry :slight_smile:

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