Which second 4* is worth ascending?

Hi Guys,

I found alot of post which mention the good 4* worth ascending
I have quite a few 4* but was wondering which are the better ones worth ascending again

currently i have 2 sabrina, 2 tiburt, 2 boldtusk.

Is Chao, Wu Kong, Grimm, Scarlett worth a second ascending? Which others are good?

thanks in advance for the advise :slight_smile:

For me Wu-kong, Tiburtus, Grimm, Scarlett(I have 2 now), BT and Kiril (for wars) or another healers, Wilbur, Proteus, Hansel/Merlin, Jackal and Falcon, Caedmon/Sonia
Omg I want so many copies :joy:


thanks for the advise :slight_smile:
sadly i am f2p so event heroes are out of my reach. have been patiently collected heroes from tc20.

wu kong- is he really worth a second ascend? i deliberate on him for a long time if i should go for a second one… i have 3, 2 collecting dust though

the only usefulness i find in him is for titan… war wise, i am not so confident taking him

I love buffors that why I choose him :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t ascend a second Wu… it’s a “titan duty only” hero. I think diversity brings new opportunities, so maxing second 4* I would advice against, as AM’s come so slow…

To level dupes isn’t worth at all except if they are healers, one wants to stack or if they have the ability to remove bad state. I prefer a wide variety of heroes to choose from when raiding.

There are only a few bad heroes, e.g. if they have slow mana (Hu Tao) or specials working only against particular others (e.g. a minion eater).

Healers and state debuffers are the most powerful helping your team sustaining longer.

Two healers and/or a hp-regaininer paired with 3 snipers, from which at least one controls mana.
One of all has to debuff all or at least 3 of the opponents and one should be antidotic, e.g. Rigard.

Try to combine a maximum of healing with a maximum of mana control with a maximum of damage with debuffing both sides :sunglasses:

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For F2P players who only have slim chances to get great event or Atlantis heroes twice, the best choices for dupes from TC13/20 heroes in my eyes are:

Red: Definitely Boldtusk (awesome for wars, I almost always use BT if there are red heroes in my team, so a second or even third always comes handy). Maybe Scarlet and Gormek. Rather not Colen or Kelile.

Blue: Kiril (see BT), Grimm (great blue hero in all aspects of the game; even pretty nice as a dupe in one attack team - for epic difficulty in monthy quests I often use both my Grimms, when I go with blue mono-teams 2 Grimms also pay off if no or few fully ascended 5* heroes are available) Maybe Sonya, definitely not Boril.

Green: maybe Caedmon or Gandalf; Skittleskull if no other option is available; definitely not LJ or Kasshrek

Yellow: Li Xiu or Chao as additional mana controlers; as for Wu Kong, I’m not fond of him apart from Titan battles; as for the panda, don’t even bring him to fourth ascension level…

Purple: definitely Rigard (as F2P player you usually lack cleansers); maybe Tiburtus or Sabina and definitely not Cyprian.


Wow thats a very comprehensive explanation. Thanks for the all the advise :slight_smile:

I like healers, so yes my priority is always on them. I calculated i might need 12 healers in wars.

Was alittle surprise by the bad review on panda. I saw bad review on Chao as well from other post but i do think he might be the better yellow 4* we can get from tc

On another note, do you think the new talent grid would change the usefulness of the current 4*?