Which season 2 special stage do you hate the most?

Hello. So, season 2 provinces sometimes come with a special stage: poison mist, underwater, dense fog, and magic night (I am going to exclude the boss stage since it only applies to the last mission).

I was just curious: which of these special stages do you hate the most?

For me, it is magic night. That is because if status effect only lasts one turn, many of my top heroes lose their meaning (e.g. Proteus, Wilbur, Boldtusk, etc).

What about you?

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I really hate underwater levels, I have very strong heroes in red color and this stupid “13 turns and you start drowning”.

And I like magic night beacuse heroes like Isarnia/LJ/MN are awesome with faster mana.

Underwater is annoying

Magic night is wonderful. Go with snipers and healers and it is done.

Poison or underwater isn’t a real problem.

Dense fog… Less Mana and and you can miss. Very annoying.


Dense fog, by far the most annoying stages.


I dont like poison mist because it is harder to autoplay those levels*

Dense fog for me. Pita

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underwater and to annoy me more the last 3 stages are all have underwater as special

Thanks for all the replies!

It is interesting to see a diversity of opinions. I never thought that magic night can actually be helpful if you have heroes that are strong but slow mana, like Mother North and Little John. Unfortunately the only one I have that fits this criteria is Colen.

Yea, dense fog can also be really annoying, especially when you need Proteus to stop boss from gaining mana and he misses… makes you wanna smash your phone.

Magic Night is useful especially with slow heroes without DoT or those with devastating AoE specials: Quintus, Azlar, Isarnia, and others…

Dense Fog kills the fun for me…
The best one is Magic Night, it speeds up everything :slight_smile:

Poison Mist and Underwater are not impactful on my time / team composition.

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Underwater was annoying for me, because my red squad is by far the strongest in my roster. But after having developed other colors, it didn’t bother me anymore.

Against green enemies in underwater stages, I started to use green, yellow and purple.

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I hate the Dense fog…

Does anyone else hold their breath when the oxygen bar empties in stages underwater?

Hate dense fog with a passion! easily the worst one by far for me as I rely on my specials doing work.

Magic night is great, more specials for Frida, Colen, Grimm, and Tibertus makes those levels pretty easy.

I can sub my red out for underwater so it’s not a huge deal to me but I don’t like that it hammers a specific color so hard if red was an intricate part of your roster it’d be painful.

Oh and why does Aeriel take damage from low oxygen, she’s freaking from atlantis and breathes under water LOL!

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And Proteus, who HAS GILLS!


I hated the magic nights .

Tho with the right team the stage can finish quickly… but I hate changing my team so took me forever

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I do recall someone made a thread that requested all Atlantis heroes be immune to underwater effect. They are all from underwater so it only makes sense. lol

In those Dense Fog stages, I used mainly buffers and healers, such as Boldtusk, Ariel, and stacked colors, to avoid depending on that damned missed attacks.

I managed once to fire Azlar’s special… FOUR MISSES.

I am surprised that so many people actually like magic night, which is what i hate the most. But I guess it all depends on your team setup. For me, I rely on heroes like Wilbur and Proteus to stay alive. So, if their special effects last only one turn, it completely destroys their purposes.

Poison mist requires you to bring a healer at least (I bring 2 for safety). It leaves a lot less room for error, and I have to bring some HP potions just in case.

Magic Night is annoying, but only for some heroes. The ones that cut mana like Li Xiu or those that summon minions like Buddy are safe, since those effects are not status based. Also worth noting that status effects from items (atk- from axes for e.g.) are NOT affected by the 1 turn limitation. :wink:

Dense Fog… that one sucks. If I bring anyone who hits the enemy, I try to at least make sure they have some other useful effect should they miss. For e.g. Lancelot at least buffs attack and mana generation, if he misses.

Underwater is probably the most annoying though. The 13 turn limit… can’t do anything about it. Just gotta get good boards and stack against the minions. Bring battle items for the end bosses. The underwater damage is no joke either, at least for poison mist you can stay relatively healthy with healers, drowning damage though is brutal.

So I’d say the underwater ones are probably the hardest to deal with.

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