Which Season 2 4* worth levelling?

Hi guys,

Having recently done a few Atlantis pulls, I find myself with a lot of new heroes and I’m looking for some advice on which ones to level up.

My current roster:

3.70: Magni
2.60: Mitsuko, Aegir, Sartana

4.70: Rigard, Boldtusk, Caedmon, Wu Kong, Proteus, Grimm
3.60: Melendor, Kelile, Little John, Scarlett, Li Xiu

Heroes at 1.1:

Mok-Arr, Guardian Owl, Thorne
Wilbur, Triton, Agwe, Ameonna, Gadeirus, Guardian Falcon, Buddy, Cheshire Cat, Danzaburo, Chao, Sabina, Hu Tao, Cyprian, Skittleskull.

AW, titans and raids all matter. I’m thinking Wilbur and Triton, but any advice would be appreciated.

FYI I have the mats to ascend a 5* yellow and red, but I’ve just got to TC20 so I was going to wait for someone good. Is Mitsuko worth fully ascending?


7DD’s Hero Guide gives ratings for all S2 heroes (except Ariel, Atomos and Poseidon).

My take: you should focus on

  • Purple: Sabina for sorcerer class and more healers
  • yellow: Danzaburo, a fun wild-card.
  • bue: Triton
  • red: Wilbur then Falcon. Wilbur will greatly help your titan hits, and Falcon amps up fire damage greatly.

I believe in matched-color training (feed green to green, etc.) for the 20% experience bonus.


I notice you didn’t specify a green to focus on. None of Buddy, Gadeirus or Skittleskull (or Melendor or Little John, who are already 3.60) worth going for?

Out of all the available 4 star Atlantians you got, I would go with Gadeirus, Wilbur, or Triton. Honestly, all are very good, so at this point your decision would come down to filling a gap in your available choices for classes.

edit; oh I see… if you want to focus on all those colors, then yeah makes sense to go for all of them.

Mitsuko is niche, she helps demolish teams that rely on Alasie or Isarnia, which to be fair are found often in AW. I left her at ascencion 2 as well, as I opted to train Red Hood instead, but that was what I had available too.

Oops, green = Buddy, though I’d probably ascend Melendor first. He’s good but squishy.

What, no love for Proteus? :wink:

OP’s got Proteus at 4/70 but I have a lot of love for him for sure lol… he’s easily one of the best 4 stars, up there with Wu Kong.

I just wish I had him :’(

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Ahh! Missed 4-70. Must go back to Cat Reading Skool. :grin:

I like Melendor, but agree he’s awfully squishy (less noticeable when using double healers, or heroes that have healing as more than one skill)…

What @DaveCozy said. Proteus is on the top of my S2 4* list, but not for the OP.

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