Which scrub hero gives you problems

to a point where it’s embarrassing?

Mine is Skittleskull. From my lurking, I get the impression that he’s laughed at as one of the weakest 4* green heroes in the game. Yet, for whatever reason I am TURRIBLE, with a capital U, against him.

For context, here’s my lineup composition, from left to right:

Kelile 3.60, Alby 2.60, Kiril 4.65, Ameonna 3.60, Wu Kong 3.60

I seem to have the worst boards against him; I always see a sea of blue tiles lined up for Skittles. Or, I skillfully maneuver the red tiles where I can do some damage, only to set off an avalanche of blue tiles and trigger his specials. Sometimes, on the rare chance I get red tiles to take him down, he miraculously survives with less than 5 hp, only to have his team heal him and set off his attack. Oh, there’s also this one time I lined him up for a glorious kill, only to have my fat thumb hit the wrong button. I don’t know what it is, perhaps the RNG force is protecting him, but it’s always _something_emphasized text__that keeps me from giving him the butt-whopping he sorely needs.

Which hero brings out the worst in you?

Little John :man_facepalming: :face_vomiting:

I actually avoid him haha.

Too many times his special goes off, kills 1-2 heroes, and leaves the other guys unable to gain mana long enough that it’s a total loss.

Just staying away from that guy :stuck_out_tongue:

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The way I see it, the problem is that you attack a green tank with only one red when you should be using 3 reds against it. Try that a few times and Skittles will be a thing of the past.


Not going to lie, Little John used to give me hell too. Once Wu Kong was leveled up, I usually can set off bombs to overwhelm LJ because of his slow mana. However, if LJ gets off first, I’m screwed :frowning:

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I would LOVE to have Boldtusk, but Kelile is really the only red worth a spot on my team. Hoping that TC13 treats me right :slight_smile:

I can try subbing in Namahage for Ameonna…

Little John, although it’s rare he actually gets a special off. Rigard can be annoying too.

Wu-kong + Quintus It kill my full hp 4* team (any miss :no_mouth:)

LJ does not get the respect he deserves.

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:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

Hey! He’s not a scrub…he’s my best hero :frowning:

Kashrek always gave me problems


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