Which Sand Heroes are worth leveling?

I have a pretty decent and deep roster of Heroes. I have pulled all of the Sand heroes except Rana.

Are any of them worth the materials to level and how far to level? and for what purpose(s) do you think they will be best suited? (i.e. Titans, raids, events etc)

I would appreciate any opinions and advice you have to offer. Thanks!

I’ve only got Gafer and I keep accidently feeding him yellow heroes… he looks yellow, but he’s purple :slight_smile:


You can see the 7DD hero grading for the 4* and 5* ones here (This grading project hasn’t included 3* heroes to date, but there is empty space for it now, so perhaps that will come later?):

Short answer: They like Rana & Gafar quite a bit. The others, not at all. I was kinda surprised about Jabbar; I thought he might make a respectable tank, but they don’t even give him a good grade there!

And Hisan looks pretty good as a fast green hitter for event challenges. He’s also the only one I’ve pulled so far.


While I agree that Gafar is better than Jabbar overall, I am leveling Jabbar first. I also have a deep team and Jabbar will be used solely for alliance wars while Gafar could be used for intermediate events as well. I wanted Jabbar’s ability to slow the three target’s healing -75% for those times when there is enemy aid or several healers on the opposing team. Gafar has a stop heal ability for one target, and while his stats are nice I will prefer Merlin to him for many tasks. Gafar will also be better against Guin teams in alliance wars.

I like Rana and I have tons of respect for Anchor and Zero etc but for me she would get a B. The slow healing is nice but not as good as the abilities for some other 5* heroes. The combo of the initial hit plus DOT plus slow healing does hurt heroes quite a bit but the duration of two turns is not enough. If it were 3 turns it would be much better. Although it is difficult to compare healers to offensive heroes, I consider Delilah and Vivica better than Rana. I wouid level her to 70 but I am not sure whether to use darts on her. I did raid with her in beta but maybe I missed some of her effectiveness that the 7DD folks noticed.

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I definitely see how Gafar can be useful for picking apart teams with lots of healers.

I got both him and Rana, but I’m not overly excited about using/leveling Rana yet. Maybe she just needs to grow on me, but I see her more as a B rated hero.

I agree with the C ratings for Jabbar and the Sand King.

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One thing I’m having difficulty figuring out is how to compare a direct damage hero against DOT, or heroes that have a combination of both, like all these sand people. That makes these sand people hard to compare with most other heroes. Given the high ranking they gave Gravemaker, they clearly think fairly highly of DOT, especially fast 2-3 turn DOT.

Having one of these heroes as part of a special purpose team against healing heavy teams, or a HOT tanks like Guinevere could be really effective.

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@ BarryWuzHere Thanks for the link.

So far, what l am getting is that the Sand Heroes are basically niche heroes designed for specific and narrow uses… Not your staple, all around go to hitters and healers.

So unless you are an upper echelon player, no need to level them up. So keep them on the back burner if you have hero space and wait til you can find a use for them… right?

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I think Hisan and Gafar will work as a fast mana single hitter hero in 3* green and 4* purple respectively.

I don’t think I would hesitate to level either of them up in that role.

Now that I think about it, for my rare event team, I’ve got Berden sitting there, barely started to level up later. (In green 3*s I have Brienne & Belith, plus Carver almost finished, but no single hitters) I will probably work on Hisan first.

In purple 4*s, I’m not sure if I didn’t have Tiburtus or Merlin, I’d level up Gafar without question when I needed a hitter. I wish I had pulled him; I’m currently leveling Cyprian, 'tho I might drop him for my second Sabina. I’d do Gafar before either of those two.

These are single hitters with sand DOT, -healing, and self-cleansing.
There are direct damage only single hitters.
There are single hitters with mana steal or mana generation reduction.
There are single hitters with blinding.
There are single hitters with fire DOT or poison DOT
There are single hitters with dispel buffs.
There are single hitters with defense debuff.

And probably one or two others I’m forgetting. All of them are useful for doing damage to one target, and many do something extra, and sometimes the extra part is really valuable. Other times not so much. Depends on who you are attacking.

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Gafar is great. The dark side had been missing a fast 4* hitter. Now they’ve got one with decent tile damage, dot and whatnot. His versatility comes at the cost of squishyness, but you can’t expect to have your cake and eat it too.


Part of gravemaker’s high grade was because of his very fast speed. With a lvl 11 mana troop he charges on six tiles, which is a single match 3 ghosted.


Yeah, I’ve noticed that their grades very strongly bias toward faster mana heroes. And I can see why.

That said, that ~half of the damage he does is DOT instead of direct damage seems to get a fairly neutral consideration. I’m thinking that the relatively high DOT isn’t a big problem for the sand people either.

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not a single word about Yunan, why? i find him very useful in defence. i have him 2^38 and compared to my 3^58 Horghall he already has higher defence/shield value than Horg.

Too many good reds in higher raids. And Gravemaker also just out green isn’t very favorable colour for a tank.
Also he’s a tank, so he gets compared to the likes of Guin and Ares, and does not stand up to those.

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i will not use Yunan as a tank but as a right hand of Red Hood who’s my tank at the moment.

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Then it’s suboptimal as he is slow and there are much better choices for that spot IMO(Horghal of course not being one of them, but then again no one usually talks about Horghal either).
All in all Yunan is pretty good(in defense), that’s true, but pretty good is usually not enough.

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Also on the original question of “why not a sinlge word”:
He’s only real place is in defense, he does fairly poorly on raid offence and titans due to low attack and slow speed. But he doesn’t excel in defense enough to be “worthy” just because of it.
So a better Horghal yes, but not a good enough hero still to be that good/awesome.

My 2 cents on the subject. Would still ascend him if I got him before I had Lianna or some green HotM.

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Why does jabbar suck so bad and got little attention for it?

Far from the best Sand Heroes, but doesn’t suck. I have him maxed and is great in wars with field aide. If you have a lot of fast hard hitters don’t need him in that role, but mine run out at the 5th and 6th flag and he is great for letting me take out tanks.

In my mind he hardly exists. I rarely see him in raids.
Maybe he will get more attention during the next event that he can be pulled.

That would make him “new” to players that weren’t around last time.

His attack is like 530. That’s horrible in my opinion. I’m eatin him. Even cyprian has a higher attack stat. Cyprian of all heros…

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