Which Same 4* Heroes To Keep?


Hi all. I have double of every 4* hero bar Grimm Wu and Caedmon. Are there any that I should keep 2 of or should I feed them all? They’re taking up a lot of room!!


From 7DD’s hero sheet:

Keep as many WAR: A ranked heroes as you can and as many EFFECT: A heroes you need for events :slight_smile:


I’d keep duplicates of Boldtusk, Rigard, Grimm, Triton, Proteus, Hansel, and Merlin for sure. Probably also Melendor, Sabina, Jackal, Sonya and Caedmon.

I have duplicates of most of these that I use purely for AW.


Ok so i have a ton of duplicates and im not sure if they are all worth keeping. Im just gonna list them all.
Ok… 2 rigard, 2 grimm, 2 gravemaker, 2 wu kong, 2 colen, 2 falcon, 2 jackal, 2 kash, 2 sabina, 2 peters, 3 drake, 2 kiril, 2 sonya, 2 khiona, 2 caed, 2 azlar, and finally 2 lancelot. So most event heros or hotm i know its best to keep those, but with that being said where could i thin out my roster without jeopardizing the benefit of having two? Thanks in advance


How many heroes do you have usable for wars? What is your hero storage capacity?

If hero storage is still cheap (less than 150 gems per 5 spaces), buy them. I wouldn’t keep several Kashrek’s.


Yes i have 40 or so usable for war hero roster space is at 100 currently ive bought spaces several times


Doubles I would feed off - Sabina, Kashrek, Melendor, Gormek, Boomer, Hu Tao and Li Xiu.

Edit - Hu Tao is super trash, I wouldn’t level him past 3^60 and Gormek has crud stats. Melendor and Sabina are great but no need for 2 of either and one trash stat Li Xiu is plenty. I wouldn’t give Boomer Ascension mats either, he is bad.


Keep them all. Buy more roster space, it is cheap.