Which Red to lvl? Wilbur BT Falcon Marjana?

Have marjana 3/70, falcon 3/60 and working on Wilbur now.

BT after Wilbur is 3/60. Question is who to ascend?

Have 8 hidden blades and 3 rings now.

I was thinking maxing Wilbur then BT to 4/70.

Would need 4 more blades and still 3 rings for Marjana but this would make my roster most efficient and useful. Idk when I’ll get those rings, thoughts?
Below are my other red heroes.

I think boldtusk first might be most beneficial for you. Then Wilbur.


Marjana is stuck

I would do Wilbur for titans. And Use him with attack banners

As you have enough hidden blades to level 2 4* reds, get both Boldtusk and Wilbur up to max as fast as possible. You won’t regret it.

Personally, I prefer to level healers first for use in AW, but Wilbur’s -defense is better against tough titans.

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If you already have a few healers in other colors, do Wilbur first. If you’re starved for healing, then BT first, as the others have said. Wilbur is soooooooooo good.

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Wilbur or BT for sure. Eventually Marj is for sure worth the mats, but BT and Wilbur are so strong and 5* take so long to level that you’re best served by maxing them first

I always go for the healer classes first. Can never have too many heals! Then I would move to Wilbur.

Thanks for the suggestions, went Wilbur before BT because kiril is maxed. Have rigard, Mel, Sabina 2/15, belith along with kiril.

Just good to get other input.


Hi - I hope you don’t mind if I borrow this topic. I am facing very similar dilemma now.

Titan chest got me damascus blade! Now having 7 rings in stock I can ascend my first red 5* to final ascension.

I have maxed: Wilbur, Boldtusk. Marjana at 3.70 and Kelile at 3.60. I could max Marjana right away if I wanted.

I have other 5* awaiting not upgraded in my roster now - Natalya, Zimkitha and Elena. I also have multiple 4s - Sumitomo, Scarlett, Colen, Falcon, Gormek.

I wonder if Marjana is worth it, or should I rather keep the rings for ascending Zimkitha eventually and keep Marjana at 3.70 for now.

If Marjana is the best choice of these 4 - would you do it now, or should I prioritize mr Falcon or (maybe) any of my other 4s? I have 11 blades so more than enough for everyone.

My vote is for either Marjana or Zim; they are both superior to Natalya and Elena.

If you do not have a good 5* sniper, go with Marjana. She doesn’t hit as hard as Joon or Lianna, but has much higher Def&HP and doesn’t die easily. If you do not have a cleanser (e.g. Rigard or Vivica), Zim will fill this role well.

Yup… that is what is my concern here. I do have maxed Magni, and usually use Jackal + Chao stack with him, alternative is Proteus + Tiburtus. I don’t complain about lack of dmg for now.

And I lack cleanser, although I am hunting for Kunchen this month.

I always thought Zeline + Zimkitha combo in one team would be super strong, and my Zeline is nearly maxed now.

So still torn between Marjana vs Zimkitha vs Falcon.

I have nearly same dilemma but add third option mitsuko. After speaking with some veteran players, I’m maxing Zim, will leave Marjana at 3/70 for now.

I think I will go with Falcon for now as the safest option. Will buy me some time to rethink Zim vs Marjana

@l2ider, Judging by the picture you posted, you must still be very early in the game and spending lots of cash… I think you should focus on 4* for now… I don’t have Wilbur, but people hod him in such high esteem, he must be great. However, maxing Boldtusk boosted my attack way, way higher than my defense can hold.

@Ian487, yes went 4* priority and it’s been 4 1/2 months now. I have spent some beer and dinner funds. It’s nice to compare from 45+/- days ago to check my decisions and progress. Hopefully it will be helpful for anyone else who may have same questions.

I maxed Wilbur first, has been game changer for titans!
Next I maxed BT.
Falcon is almost maxed now.
Working on Scarlett to 3/60 for war bench.
Will then take Zim to 3/70 then will either max or start Mitsuko (have Inari and Kageburado for Sakura bonus)
Marjana deserves rings but she may be staying 3/70 for a very long time.

Here are my top 30 as a comparison from my original post reds.
Leveling Inari, Arthur, Kageburado, Buddy and Scarlett now. Have a deeper bench and the mats to max these 5* now.

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Oh, OP was much older than I thought! My bad! Should have payed attention to the time line! Sorry about the confusion!

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