Which Red to level next?

Which red hero to level next Elizabeth or Costume Gravemaker? I have only 8 rings

  • Elizabeth
  • Gravemaker C

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What are your goals, my dessertrose? :slight_smile:

Both can be effective tanks and flanks, where you can also play GM as wing.

GM can also increase danger of enemy going green vs your blue tank, if you wanna play this way.

GM has more use for challenge events.

Both are very weak vs taunt heroes.

Elise perform better vs cleansers

Which emblems you have more available?

,… :slight_smile:


@Cerevan_the_Omni I’m focusing on raid tourney and war defence. Emblem I have 3000 barbarian emblems :joy: and 300 monk emblems( also have one epic tome of golden emblems). Need 3 more rings to level up both. I like both of them very confusing whom to level up :grinning:

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C. Gravemaker will offer you more then.

War defense : more versatile

raid tourney : faster on bloody battles (no healing), so getting there first counts (Eliz is also strong here, since you cant dispose her fiends)

buff booster : Gravey has some buffs on its own and his defense can skyrocket with elemental link,family bonus and paladin talent!

Eliz better on rush.

Overall, im slightly for Gravemaker, but you cant go wrong here :slight_smile:

Have fun!


Both are really really good.
I have Elizabeth +20 and LB and she is superb.
And I long for Costume Gravemaker… but he doesn’t appear for me.
In your shoes, I would say the vote should go to whichever hero you can give the most emblems to.
Good luck


Elizabeth looks the most fun for me to play around with, so I voted her. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Though Gravemaker is so strong too. Congratulations on those amazing heroes! :tada:

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Both are great. Both offensively & defensively.

When you have additional 4 rings, make c Gravemaker immediately.

Can’t go wrong with any of these.

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