Which red to LB next?

I’ve limit broken C-Boldtusk and have Ferrant, G Falcon & Sun Shangxiang all fully ascended or could wait a bit to limit break Khufu who will be my first ascended red 5* (at 3.48 now but I have the mats to bring to 4.80, just working through the levels). What say you?

Note - wrote Jackal in the poll below, I meant Falcon. I have Jackal too but he’s done!

  • Ferrant (now)
  • Sun Shangxiang (now)
  • Guardian Jackal (now)
  • Khufu (be patient)

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I went with ferant now so hopefully you can get a good amount of use out of him while your working on knufu. He is really great and can be easily used in the 5* arena.
Good luck in the portals!

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I went Khufu. However, I had to double-check to make sure I wasn’t crazy! I assume you meant Guardian Falcon, not Guardian Jackal! Jackal is yellow! :slight_smile:

looks like you wrote wrong, it should be Falcon not Jackal… :smile:

I second this. Plus he is a 4* so not very demanding of LB material.